5 Common Fears About Labiaplasty

Fear is a common feeling that accompanies labiaplasty. Listed below are some of the most common fears women have before going under the knife.

In any medical procedure, there is always a risk involved. If you are planning to undergo labiaplasty, which is surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora, you can breathe a little easier as complications happening during these procedures are rare and occur in less than 1% of cases. You would be surprised to learn that pregnancy and delivery risks are higher than risks correlated with labiaplasty when it’s done by an experienced surgeon.

Fear is a common feeling that accompanies labiaplasty. Listed below are some of the most common fears women have before going under the knife. 

1.    Bleeding

Bleeding is normally a result of this procedure. However, some fear that the bleeding will be too painful and will result in excessive blood loss. Make sure to consult your surgeon beforehand in order to understand what to expect.

2.    Infections

Because of the stitches and the wound that might come as a result of the surgery, infections are possible, albeit not probable, as in every surgery. However, you can always avoid infections by washing up and wearing clean, comfortable underwear. 

3.    Recovery Period

Because healing differs from patient to patient, some fear that their recovery period will take too long. The longer the healing process, the longer they can’t go to their jobs, do their errands, or take care of their kids. This should also be discussed with your doctor so as to make the right arrangements.

4.    Far From Expectations

As with every type of plastic surgery, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the results you are hoping for. There will always be fear of not liking the outcome after the surgery, especially if your main goalfor doing this is to feel better about the look of your labia minora. You might worry about your self-esteem suffering a blow if the result was not as expected. However, choosing the right doctor is one of the most important decisions to make when thinking about labiaplasty. Reading up on your doctor’s profile, as well as client reviews and testimonials will help you find the best doctor suited for your needs and will make you less anxious about your upcoming procedure.

5.    Difference in Sensation

Because you will be altering your labia minora, there is a possibility that you will experience a change in sensation. This is usually temporary if it is the case. 

If you are having some or all of the aforementioned fears, you are not the only one. It is imperative that you discuss these fears with your surgeon before undergoing surgery. Open communication with your doctor will ease your mind and lessen the fear and anxiety you are feeling.

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