Laser Skin Clinic in Brisbane, How It Works and What to Expect

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Laser skin clinics are the main provider of a service known as skin resurfacing, but they also provide a wide range of other services, mostly related to repairing certain areas of the body through the use of lasers.

Now, there’s a lot to know about these procedures. Are they safe for everyone? How expensive are they? And are they really worth the money? 

These are some of the questions people may ask before wanting to even step inside a skin clinic. In Brisbane, specifically, a laser skin clinic is expected to work the same way other clinics work around the world, but there may be minor differences that might change accordingly depending on the procedure or clinic.

When to Consider a Skin Resurfacing Procedure: Scars

The most common reason why people actually search for laser-procedures related to the skin is because of scars. Normally, scars are damages that usually stick with people for the rest of their lives, and although you can find ways to improve their looks, they are not actual methods to get rid of them.

With that said, lasers are not miraculous, and won’t 100% get rid of a scar, but they are really good alternatives to make them way less noticeable, which is what most people look for.

But there’s something to consider when dealing with scars using lasers: the type of scar the patient has. A doctor needs to examine the scar before choosing a type of laser to deal with the treatment.  

The scars that are accepted for the procedure are the ones caused by severe acne, burns, surgeries, and injuries. Depending on the case, a scar might not be suitable for this procedure. This may depend on the length of the scar, and where the scar was caused.

Another thing to consider is the fact that laser treatment in scars also brings other positive results besides improving looks. As mentioned in this article, laser treatment is also used to reduce pain around the area, itchiness, and improve mobility around the area.

Other Possible Reasons

A patient might want to get laser treatment to deal with acne, which can be a rather feasible solution depending on the origin of the problem. If the problem is more related to hormones, and there are no problems with the sebaceous glands found in the skin, it might not be the best alternative. 

Other reasons people might want to visit a laser skin clinic is to deal with saggy skin, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Usually, people with light skin tones tend to be better candidates for these laser procedures, but it all depends on each individual.

That is why doctors need to take a look and decide whether you are suitable for the treatment or not. It is also wise to look for other alternatives in case you are not a selectable candidate.

What to Expect From Lasers

Lasers are mainly used to cut the skin and promote the production of collagen through heating procedures, and collagen is well known for being an important part of the healing process of skin and muscles. There are many different types of lasers, though, and your doctor will talk about them in detail so you know the differences.

Before surgery, the skin needs to be prepared, and this translated in the use of cleansers to get rid of any unnecessary substance such as dirt, oil, or bacteria. Anesthesia is applied in the form of a topic to reduce pain and discomfort, and depending on the type of surgery, you might have to use pain killers or sedatives.

And although I say surgery, these procedures are not actually considered surgeries, since you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure has been finished. Still, there’s some recovery time where you’ll need to be careful with your skin.

You can read some detailed information about that over here: The healing process usually takes around one week to ten days, but it heavily depends on how large the affected area is. During the process, there may be some discomfort, inflammation, and redness, but it can be dealt with using ice and medicine.

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