I found some culinary tricks and mental exercises easy to work with, so you can drop a few pounds very fast.
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Hello my sweetheart! As you can probably notice, I am obsessed with losing weight lately. It is the winter season to blame :). I found some culinary tricks and mental exercises easy to work with, so you can drop a few pounds very fast.

1.    Don’t go “food” shopping without chewing bubble gum

As you already know, there are several foods offered as sample in supermarkets. You want to buy a certain type of yogurt but some friendly girl offers you, free, a sample from their new chocolate chips yogurt! Try it! So, if you chew bubble gum, you won’t feel the need to try every food samples.

2.    Choose a smart glass to drink from

If you choose to drink from a tumbler, choose a medium height one, pretty big in the same time, I mean…”wide opened” – sounds funny…because you can pour with 76% more water into it. I can’t explain the exact physical key, it was discovered by others…I believe that you are tempted to drink from a big glass of fresh water, somehow it calls you :).

3.    A quick snack after doing sports

If you have a fitness program that brings you home late at night, and you probably shouldn’t eat that late…but you are hungry, well, choose to live healthy, and eat. Just try to maintain a healthy diet, and eat something light, for instance, cheese or yogurt with some cereal bread.

4.    Drink a cup of coffee after dinner

Decaf! It has two qualities: helps your stomach to digest faster and it offers you a placebo feeling, that you already had the desert, and there is no need to eat that yummy ice-cream you have in the fridge!

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