Spring Detoxification – Healthy Diets Help You Lose Weight

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Get Rid of Toxins Naturally!

Cellulite and extra pounds give us all headaches, because we tried at least once in our life to keep a restricted diet, but the results are… delayed and delayed and… well… delayed. So, we might as well focus on natural remedies. Today’s article is about natural ways in which we can detox our organism after winter.

Water, Diet, Sports and Tea!

You need to know that the main factor that favors the appearance of cellulite is the retention of toxins in the body. If the 2 liters of still water that you usually drink daily have no visible effect, try a detox diet with herbal teas.

Indications and Contraindications

The cures and diets based on tea must not exceed 3 months! Daily consume should not be more than 3 cups (2 cups) of tea. If you take certain medications, if you are pregnant or know that you suffer from a certain disease, consult a physician first. Whether you address to the family doctor or use a homeopathic doctor, do not hesitate to ask them for advice!

Green Tea Detoxification Diet

Green tea is a true health source. Besides the fact that it will help to eliminate toxins from the body and to get rid of extra pounds easier, will help you stay in shape. Here are some properties of green tea: tones up and increases attention by its caffeine content, decreases the risk of tooth decay, improves the digestion, combats constipation, balances blood cholesterol level, gets you rid of the fatigue feeling, regulates blood pressure, anti-inflammatory effects etc..

Nettle Tea, the Safest and Quickest Effect!

Nettle tea guarantees you a safe and dramatic weight loss. 1.5 liters of tea a day can save you up to 8 kilograms in 2 months. Combined with sports and anti-cellulite massage and a balanced diet, the effects can be even more impressive. No need to follow the cure more than 2 months though. Nettle tea has many beneficial properties, including the elimination of toxins from the body, weight loss, cures kidney diseases, has a slightly laxative effect, stabilizes blood glucose levels, fights with anemia and fatigue, strengthens the immune system.

Nettle Tea: Precautions

The only precautions related to the use of nettle tea is the cure period, do not exceed 2 months. That’s because is has strong diuretic effect and can cause an electrolyte effect.

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