Dancing Helps You Lose Weight!

Dancing is a fantastic form of exercise. Not only does it raise the heart rate through movement, dancing also tones and tightens the major muscle groups of the body. Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. A half hour session of sustained dancing can burn a lot of calories.

Italian researchers have found that hitting the dance floor provides just as many benefits as getting on a mind-numbing treadmill or exercise bike. It helps with flexibility, balance, posture and co-ordination and it is thought that it might help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

woman-dancing-to-lose-weightSo instead of getting expensive gym equipment and workout clothes that you will tire of quickly and will not introduce you to any new people and take up a lot of space in your home, invest in some dancing lessons. Dancing is cheap and convenient. All you really need is a desire to have some fun and the willingness to walk in the door. For most people that have never danced, the hardest part is walking in the door the first time.

Have you ever wanted to learn salsa, jive or swing but you are afraid to take part of some dancing lessons? You can get online DVD’s or watch Dancing With The Stars but it’s more fun to go to your local club or studio where other people are learning the same thing.

I have prepared for you two kind of dancing-fitness-exercises routines! :). First, a 25 minute program, in which you have to practice some classical dance steps, like this:

  1. Move to a Meringue beat – go from one foot to the other with a slight sway of your hips, then go to one side, back to center, the other side, back to center, and so on.
  2. Some Cha-Cha moves
  3. Move to a Samba beat – toe behind heel, toe behind heel.
  4. Add a little Mambo – one, two, three kick… one, two, three kick!

And, the best part is…right here: belly dance! The sexy dance that help you get rid of hundreds of calories.

Belly dancing can burn 250-300 calories per hour. Some belly dancing classes are full of movement while others spend a lot of time learning finger cymbal rhythms, waiting for corrections from the teacher, or listening to explanations.

When practicing at home, use drum solos or fast music, and incorporate a large number of moves that engage the legs and hips. Don’t eliminate slow music and finger cymbal practice from practice time, however, as the skills are important for overall dance skill.

Characteristics and Advantages of the Belly Dance:

  1. It isolates parts of body helping to tone and strength specific muscle groups
  2. If you dance energetically, it is great cardio exercise
  3. It strengthens the abdominal muscles; therefore, helping to have a better posture
  4. It is a great break from the everyday gym routine
  5. It is fun, really fun! And I say this because I do it.
  6. Everyone can practice it, independently of our body size or dance ability
  7. It is great for women who love to dance, because they already have some dance rhythm, but really, every one can do it.
  8. It is a very feminine dance that makes you feel feminine and happy with your body so it helps build a positive body image
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