3 Capital Mistakes That Stop You From Losing Weight

Here are the “keys” that will stop your from accomplishing your goals in weight loss. 3 capital mistakes that we tend to do even if we follow some strict diets.

Eat Too Much Fast Food

I admit it may be a convenient option for office lunch after a crazy day, especially that now you benefit from dietary menu consisting of salads, grilled vegetables or meat. The question is – when you order, do you abstain from milk-shakes or carbonized juices, or can you resist a pie or ice cream after? You must be careful that eating „out” in fast food restaurants won;t turn into a habit. Research shows that people who go to fast food at least two times per week tend to gain weight by 5 kg more annually than those who eat in fast food less than once a week.

You Drink Too Many Calories

When counting calories, many of us omit to collect those from our drinks . This is a huge mistake, if you think about the coffee you can find everywhere, alcoholic drinks and fruit juices may sum up to more than 500 calories per day, if not more. What is worse is the fact that calories in beverages do not stop your hunger – so you will not eat less after you choose one of the drinks above.

You Measure Your Weight Daily

Measuring your weight daily is the best recipe to become frustrated and unhappy with your diet. It is more important to track medium and long term results and weigh yourself weekly, rather than get scared by any weight fluctuation. If your goal is to lose 1-2 pounds a week, you’ll feel better seeing that a kilogram disappeared, in your first weightening, than observing your weight fluctuations once a day, or even more often.

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