Lose Weight Effortlessly by Drinking Water and Tea

The sensation of thirst may be easily confused with that of hunger, so it is very important to grab a drink instead of a snack... if you want to lose weight!
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If your body is as little dehydrated, thirst can be confused with hunger, so that your first reaction might be to eat – given that your body actually needs fluids. Moreover, considering that most foods contain water, you will be willing to eat unconsciously increasingly more to cover your initial fluid deficit, but will you deal with unwanted excess calories which will lead to weight gain.

Water Helps You Burn Calories 3% Faster

You already know that all body functions are performed in the presence of water, so a well hydrated body will allow these functions to be performed faster and more efficiently. Moreover, if you drink plenty of water you will be able to increase your metabolic rate, you feel more full of energy and burn calories by up to 3% faster.

Other Benefits of Good Hydration Are

• Controls your appetite
• Increases metabolism
• Increases energy levels
• Significantly improving skin appearance
• A lower water retention in tissues
• Eliminates headaches
• Reduces blood pressure
• Reduces cholesterol
• Elimination of joint pain
• A lower incidence of occurrence of kidney stones

How Important Is Drinking Water for a Modern Diet?

If you understand how important hydration is for your body, you have pay even more attention in case you become adept of a modern diet: eat breakfast semi-prepared or in the office, eat out, at the restaurant from time to time, you get used to substitute meals with snacks, no matter how unhealthy and you have no time to cook every day. This is the modern diet…and the lack of free time leads to this kind of disorder in eating habits.

Why? Foods that contain large amounts of water (think of yogurt, milk, fruits and raw vegetables, soups) tend to degrade faster, which is why most manufacturers are turning to food dehydration (among other processes) in order to extend warranty period and minimize losses. This means that besides the added sugar and fat, your diet will be much poorer in water, where you will often opt for processed food.
So, if you keep a diet and not eat much, or if your diet contains many processed foods, I advise you to have even greater care to supplement the liquid intake!

How Much to Drink?

Specialists say that you have to drink the least 2 liters of fluid a day to hydrate. And yet, you’re sure you know exactly why and how to do it?

It does not refer only to water, but it is mostly about non-caloric liquids. And if you want to be even more in the spirit of diet, I suggest that you completely remove artificial ones (light beverages, beverages with non-calorie artificial sweeteners), not to mention some of the daily drinks (coffee , milk, natural juices) and take into account only natural fluids, no preservatives, no additives (mineral water, teas of various kinds).

Need greater efficiency? Think about the goals you have, besides hydration. Want to quickly remove water from the tissues? Want to lose weight? You need quiet sleep? Try creating your own blend of tea (or buy a version of the trade) to help you achieve your goals!

Tea and water go hand in hand, in fact, what is tea? Water with added plants… basically. These pants have different roles so, each one is destined to do something different.

In order to obtain the desired weight and silhouette, use water as your ally!

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