Gold in Fitness: Cardio Exercises

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The cardio moves are rhythmic moves, repeated and sustained, that raise your pulse and intensifies your cardiac activity. The best thing about cardio, well done, is that you can talk and move fast in the same time without feeling any pain in the chest or in the lungs.

The cardio exercises are meant to help you in different ways. It is the golden fitness exercise because it keeps your body into perfect shape all the time. But, cardio also helps you diminishes the daily stress, offers you a joyful state of mind and it is also well known for its “sleeping pill” action.

Why is it considered the gold in fitness training? Specialists say that 60 minutes of moderate activity per day are more than enough if you want a slender body, a sculpted waist and an extraordinary tonus. The usual cardio training start with basic simple moves, such as, walking… and then you can go further with dancing, the energy from hip-hop dancing or Latino. Or, you can do the normal cardio workout: running or jogging. You have to control your breathing all the time!

Our advice is those before choosing such an active fitness program; see a doctor, because there are persons with cardiac diseases that can be hurt after these kind of exercises. We also recommend that if you don’t have a very active life; start the “cardio life” with one hour a day, simple walking in the park, or outside anywhere. In this way passing from “couch potato” state to “jogging” state won’t be very hard, and your body will received it easier :).

What you have to know also, is that you have to make a strict schedule with the periods when you want to do cardio practice, because you have to offer very much attention to what and when you eat. We recommend that you watch some short movies on the internet with different types of cardio exercises and choose the one that fits you best. Or you can go to a gym class and have a great programmed workout with a professional trainer.

Tip: There is a type of cardio exercise at home that fits the most types of fitness training regimens, it’s a stationary vertical climber  that will help you lose up to 500 calories per hour and can target almost every major muscle group in your body.

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