10 Best Foods to Lose Your Muffin Top (#2 Is the Best, and Not Uncommon)

I’m sure you know all about the foods that cause muffin top. But you might not know the proper muffin top diet. Now, I’m not going to list down way too many food items. The aim is to keep your fitness and weight loss goals realistic. So how about we start with just the 10 best foods to lose your muffin top!

Here Are the 10 Best Foods to Lose Your Muffin Top

Before I begin, let me tell you something important. The journey of weight loss is not an easy one. But you can always adopt different methods to achieve quicker results. Much like combining exercise with a proper diet!

And along the way, if you need some additional help, why not opt for the best shapewear for muffin top or the best shapewear for love handles and tummy control. They might not provide a permanent solution. But this kind of shapewear surely offers the best temporary satisfaction. So you can go about your day feeling confident.

What you see below is the quickest muffin top workout for beginners. And under that are the 10 best foods to lose your muffin top.

Leafy Greens

#1 Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables have a high content of plant chlorophylls. These facilitate the removal of toxins present in your bloodstream. In fact, chlorophylls also neutralize pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals.

The most powerful leafy greens you can consume are as follows:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Beet greens
  • Dandelion greens
  • Watercress
  • Mustard greens
  • Arugula
lemon detox water

#2 Lemon

There’s nothing better than a lemon when it comes to cleansing that liver of yours. Even the gastrointestinal tract benefits from lemons. If you don’t believe me, then try washing a stained, nasty coffee cup with lemon water. You’ll see how this cup shines in a few hours. So if lemon water can do that to a coffee-stained cup, imagine its ability to cleanse the GI tract.

Lemons are packed with vitamin C. And these types of vitamins help in breaking down toxic substances. So they get absorbed by your body’s water content easily. This means the toxicity gets eliminated from your system quickly.

Citrus fruits also have the capacity to stimulate liver function.

So if you really want to know how to lose muffin top and love handles, make lemons your best friend.

garlic for weight loss

#3 Garlic

What does garlic do? It brings liver enzymes into the picture. And what do liver enzymes do? They assist in getting rid of unwanted toxins.

Garlic also contains allicin and selenium. These are compounds that promote liver detoxification.


#4 Beets

Here’s another food that improves liver functioning. Incorporating beets into your daily diet goes a long way in losing that muffin top quickly.

If you don’t like the taste of beets you can still get the benefits by taking a beetroot supplement daily.

grapefruit diet

#5 Grapefruit

Ever heard of grapefruit diet? The reason why this diet is so popular is that it boosts detoxification enzymes. And detoxification is an important partof every weight loss program. These enzymes help in doing away with toxins and carcinogens. So don’t ever underestimate the power of grapefruit.


#6 Turmeric

The favorite components so far are detoxification enzymes, aren’t they? With that in mind, turmeric is another powerful source of these favorable enzymes. That actively chase off dietary carcinogens.

Turmeric also has pretty strong anti-inflammatory properties. And this is very useful for you if you’re on a muffin top-shedding flight to weight loss.

health benefits of walnuts

#7 Walnuts

Walnuts have omega-3and glutathione. They support the liver cleansing activities.

You should know that walnuts taste very adventurous when combined with arugula and beet salad.

apples for weight loss

#8 Apples

Full of pectin, apples are simply perfect for clearing up your GI tract. When the GI system is clean, what does that mean? That your liver doesn’t have much to do!

Apples are also effective in preventing and treating constipation. You should know that a constipated system exerts pressure on its neighbor, the liver. And when that happens, the formation of extra fat is inevitable.

green tea for weight loss

#9 Green Tea

I don’t need to tell you that green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechins. These are compounds that assist your liver function.

Coffee drinkers, please take note. You can substitute your morning brew with green tea. The latter also contains some caffeine. At the same time, it supports the liver too.

muffin top detox

#10 Cabbage

Now here’s something you might not know. Cabbage, as well as cauliflower and broccoli, help in stimulating the same liver enzymes. And when you also incorporate garlic into this diet, your love handles and muffin top are destined to lose the battle.

That’s About It!

So let me ask you an important question here. What that’s one common component present in all the foods discussed in here? It’s the liver cleansing enzymes. Let me explain by asking a rhetorical question this time. What organ do you think is the storehouse of toxins when it’s overburdened or congested? The liver, of course! Located right around the waist, underneath the fat!

So it’s time to get moving. I mean exercising. And it’s also time to eat healthily.

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