Cosy and Chic: Layer Winter Outfits Like a Pro

Layering is perhaps the simplest answer to all your winter wardrobe needs. Not only is it a great way to transition your summer clothes into winter, but it’s also a massively practical way to ward off the biting chills.
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However, the art of layering is not easily mastered. Even fashion icons like Kim Kardashian and the Olsen twins have been known to make some classic layering blunders. But fear not! For here are a few simple tips that’ll help you bundle up like a pro.


Get creative and find ways to layer under your clothes. It’s time to bring out the items gathering dust in the back of your closet. We’re talking turtlenecks, leotards, your old yoga pants, and that tee shirt you never really liked. Think of any layer that will cling to you like a second skin. It’s always a good idea to start with thinner layers and build your way up.

Keep your outfits as snug and fitted as possible. You do not want to look like a sack of fabrics. Try to contain the clothes close to your body line by topping your base with a clean cropped jacket or a smart blazer. If you’ve opted for a long coat, you can get some shape by cinching the waist with a chic belt.

Another great tip is to limit your layers to the top – keep your legs slim and simple to add structure to your outfit. However, if you like it the other way round, then you can throw on a cute mini skirt over your tights as an alternate. Using your socks to layer is strictly unadvised.

Mix and Match

This is perhaps the most sensitive aspect of layering. Mixing and matching is like a fun little puzzle, but you need to get the pieces right or you won’t like the picture you see at the end. And yet, without mixing it up you’d end up with a plain, boring ensemble that’d make the weather only drearier.

So, try to use at least two different types of fabrics in your attire. That’s what will make your layered outfit shine. You can try leather pants under a cashmere sweater. A denim jacket or straight blazer can be used to add texture. Woolen accessories like hats, scarves and gloves will help further spice up your look.

Stay Modest

In all the excitement of layering, don’t forget to give your outfit a once-over before you head out. If you look like you’re wearing half your closet you’re doing it wrong. If you look like a rainbow you’re doing it wrong. And if you look like an overstuffed turkey – then you are definitely doing it wrong.

Keep your look cohesive and cool by choosing subdued and neutral tones. Save the neons and corals for summer. Do try to keep your outfit in the same colour family. Pops of plaid and patterns are more than welcome, but combining more than one is a dangerous move few can afford to play.

All in all, the rules are simple. Keep it simple, and keep it fun. How you define that is completely up to you. Happy layering!

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