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I have something great to show you, come into my beauty store!

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My dear friends,

In the last year or so, I have received a lot of comments from you discussing all sorts of beauty accessories: brushes, hair clips, skin care tools and creams, and so on. You guys helped me a lot in defining your beauty goals! While I have been researching Amazon and other stores for alternatives, I realized that I could gather all of those researches in a place to present them to you.

So, the Beautips Store was born, as a collection of curated beauty accessories for your daily efforts. I chose them with great care and I put my soul into this collection – take it as my personal advice to you as a friend. I will add more accessories every week (and I will announce them properly), but I encourage you to show us what you like, so we can add them to our collection.

Buy any of your desired products with confidence, as we make efforts to make you, my friend, happy about your purchase. I chose Paypal as our shopping cart, because of it’s great security and ease of use – so you can make a purchase in couple of minutes, literally!

Check our shop now, we have some surprises along the way!

Your friend,

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Vivianne Sterling

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