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Yoga Positions for Weight Loss (for Beginners)

Yoga can help you to lose weight and have a perfectly toned abs and sexy. If you count the benefits it brings to the overall health and relaxation it is the time to put into practice yoga exercises at your home!

Attractive fit young woman sport wear fitness girl model doing stretching at the home studio workout class

Fitness Exercises for Spring

Sport is very important not only to look good, but also to feel good.

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus – The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Nintendo WII Fit Plus looks like a dream come true. If you have no time or possibilities to go to a professional gym, well, buy this small fashionable console, put it in your living room and start your workout.

5 home – exercises for a slender body

We all know that sport is the key element in our life, not only for a beautiful body, but also for feeling good, relaxed. We show you a simple program made of basic physical exercises that you should follow 20-30 minutes per day.