5 home – exercises for a slender body

We all know that sport is the key element in our life, not only for a beautiful body, but also for feeling good, relaxed. We show you a simple program made of basic physical exercises that you should follow 20-30 minutes per day. They are home made and designed for to be practiced at home! This the number one quality! These are the exercises:

For your buttocks and thighs

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Get a stretching band and get down to business 🙂. The ideal position is the one that you see in our image. You must keep your body in the indicated position for 5 seconds and than repeat the move in 10-20 series. Don’t exaggerate at first because you can get a muscular fever, especially if you don’t do exercises regularly.

For abdomen

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Lay on the floor with feet raised at 90 degrees, and try to catch your leg with your hands. The closer you get to the heel, with your hands, the better! Maintain that position for 5 seconds and than repeat. You should do this exercise 10 times and 5 series.

For arms

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It would be ideal to buy weights set and work every day a couple of minutes. Even though the results won’t show off immediately, be patient. If you work out 3-4 times per week, the result will become visible in less than 3 months. You can exercise while dancing in you own living room, keep the weights in you hands and move on the rhythm!


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Yoga is good for body and mind. If we strictly refer to its meaning, yoga means the union between mind and body. So, it is not as hard as it may seem, buy yourself a book or a DVD and start at home, with simple exercises. Do your training with the windows wide open and breathe fresh air!

Static bicycle

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This is quite the quickest way to get the body you dreamed of, but you just don’t have the time to visit the gym. Buy yourself a bicycle and practice 30 minutes per day, but with different intensity programs. Make your exercises in front of an open window and with music playing loud in you speakers!

If you mix them all, we guarantee great results in 2 months from now! Be patient and offer your body the chance to react! Good luck!

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