How to Train Effectively With the Treadmill

The treadmill is an excellent training machine that offers you a way to run indoors, being a good option when the weather does not favor our outdoor walks.
Female athlete on a treadmill in sport gym
Female athlete on a treadmill in sport gym. Young woman in fitness club

Its main advantage is that you can manipulate the rhythm, the inclination and the distance in order to achieve effective workouts . But also, using the treadmill you have the opportunity to trace mental challenges with clear objectives in the technique and its execution, all this in order to avoid boredom that can always lead to running in the same place.

Performing the exercises properly and improving the technique you use are physical and even mental benefits that you can achieve with your treadmill. In this sense, it is necessary that you know 3 recommendations to improve mental concentration  while running and 5 tips for physical training on the treadmill, given by the best trainers in the world.

Mental Concentration While Training on the Treadmill

1. the Focus on the Goal

According to Bob MacKeown , founder and technical director of South Shore TRI, the mental game is to concentrate your thoughts on the goal and the final minutes of the race. Those last minutes you must dedicate to think that at that moment you have your most immediate competitor trying to move to your position, that will make you accelerate the speed.

Another idea could be to think about your family and friends waiting for you at the end of the race. It is a good strategy to gain strength when you think you have nothing to give.

For MacKeown, visualizing these two scenarios while training is an excellent strategy that allows you to have your mind focused on training and will help you a lot on race day.

2. Mind Against Boredom

Mario Fraioli,  an Olympic coach, believes that training on the treadmill is an opportunity to catch up on favorite TV shows, so you avoid boredom.

Placing music at full volume is another way he proposes to avoid boredom.

Another entertaining way to hang out, according to him, is to download applications that simulate a career anywhere in the world.

You can also try to keep your mind active by interrupting the rhythm every 5 to 10 minutes. How? Varying the inclination and pace of the race. The idea is to keep your mind focused on the moment of making the changes, since starting each speed requires mental concentration. In this way, you are also avoiding the risk of injury.

3. Focus on the Technique

Matt Dixon , sports physiologist, says that training on the treadmill can really be boring without any external stimulus. But, in turn, it is a great opportunity to focus on your career technique and find a way to improve it.

Training Routine for the Treadmill

1. Train With Little Time

Jesse Kropelnicki, one of the 17 certified USAT level 3 trainers in the world, recommends that when you have little time it is necessary to give the best of ourselves. So, after rapid warming, you have to make a great physical effort. For it:

Tilt the treadmill’s slope to 6 to 8% off and flatten it again to make recovery intervals.

Interlock 1 minute intervals with 90 second breaks.

The time for this training is 30 minutes without counting the time it takes for you to warm up and cool down.

2. Long Intervals

Bob McKeown, highlights the importance of warming up before starting to run. In addition, it proposes a sequence to increase the rhythm as follows:

  1. Heat for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Perform two 10-minute intervals at a high rate.
  3. You can take four minutes of recovery between intervals.
  4. Spend five minutes of cooling.
  5. The total time for this training is 39 minutes.

3. the Hill Climber

Fraioli values ​​the tape for its ability to simulate a mountainous route. According to Fraioli this exercise should be used to exercise the legs as if you were climbing a hill. For it:

  1. Heat gently for 1.5-5 kms
  2. Increase the inclination on the treadmill from 6 to 8%.
  3. Perform 10 to 12 repetitions of 60 seconds of climbing with 60 seconds of gentle walking in 10 km of running.
  4. Remove the incline between each repetition.
  5. Cool with 1.5 to 5 km of smooth travel.
  6. This exercise helps build strength and speed. The total training time will vary depending on the pace of each one.

4. the Speed Demon

Siri Lindley, coach of the World Ironman tri-champion Mirinda Carfrae, recommends the following:

  1. Slowly increase the speed during warm-up to wake up the legs and make the blood flow. This speed session ensures that your heart and legs are ready for movement. Heat for 15 minutes.
  2. Then, perform intervals of 4 x 30 seconds at a strong speed, but with control. Cut the speed by jogging one minute between each repetition and increase the speed at the end of each recovery time and before the new interval begins, as it takes time to reach the target speed.
  3. Next, change at 4 x 1 minute intervals using the same threshold as the previous rhythm. Trot gently for one minute between each repetition.
  4. Then, perform series of 2 x 2 minutes, again with the same guidelines above, with two minutes of soft jogging for recovery.
  5. Finish the exercise with a running pace that involves maximum effort for four minutes.
  6. Finish the training by cooling.

5. the Progressive

Matt Dixon recommends his clients the following:

  1. Start with a good warm up.
  2. Perform the following repetitions, the effort and rhythm will increase while the time decreases:
  3. 1 x 12 minutes
  4. 2 x 9 minutes
  5. 3 x 6 minutes
  6. 4 x 3 minutes
  7. Use 1-2 minutes of recovery for each repetition.
  8. It ends with cooling.
  9. This training should last just over an hour.

Take advantage of these recommendations from the world’s leading experts to train on your treadmill and choose the one that gives you the most benefits.

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