Drinks That Improve Your Health and Diet

fresh orange juice

If you want to stay fit, maintain your actual weight, or lose some weight, if you want to remain healthy all autumn long and start the winter season with great spirit, you have to pay attention also to your drinks not only your diet.

Our tip: give up fizzy drinks and go for delicious homemade drinks, with few calories and excellent taste!

Apricot and Watermelon Juice: Helps Detoxing Your Organism

Watermelon has a low content of calories; it is practically made of water. Apricots are known for their detoxifing effect, because of their high content of fibers and vitamins. Well, mixing them only reveals a 100% healthy juice, not to say…delicious!

What do you need: three well done apricots and two large slices of watermelon. Only take the middle (heart) from the apricots and watermelon and mix them into a blender. Afterward they will mix themselves and you have to put them in the freezer. Our advice is to drink one large glass of juice in the morning on empty stomach, and anytime during the day, when you feel the need for something sweet and refreshing.
Extra tip: Lemon juice offers an extra flavor to any natural juice and, in addition, it is an extraordinary antioxidant.

For a Smooth Digestion: Yogurt and Banana Shake

The yogurt and banana mix offers you one of the tastiest fresh drinks, with its primary ingredient: yogurt that improves your digestion.

What do you need: two small bananas, well done, 250 ml of yogurt and some caraway. Slice the bananas in large pieces. Pour the yogurt and put the banana pieces in the mixer. Add the caraway and mix them all together. You can add crushed ice if the drink is to thick. Our tip: drink it first thing in the morning if you have any kind of digestion problems.

Teas That Melt Fats

Beside the delicious natural juices and mixes, teas are a key element when you want to lose some weight. They have a detox effect and stimulate your digestion. We recommend: green tea and dandelion tea. Additionally you can use tea bags containing inositol, a special ingredient that turns fat into energy, helps to accelerate metabolism and is recommended in case of bulimia.

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