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As we wrote another article explaining to you what Pilates means, what it consist of, and the fact that the workout is created for challenging your strength, flexibility and coordination, we approach the same subject again, well, sorry If I am nagging you, but I really think we must go deeper with this interesting subject.

So, I will write down some short explanations of the exercises, in fact, the precise area that you can workout using them, and then let you watch some TV J. Because I found some great explained videos and I truly think that they will help!

Warm-Up in Pilates:

As you already know, the warm-up is practically the basis for any kind of workout, but here, iti is also important because it is teaching you’re the foundations of Pilates. They also prepare the body for safely executing more challenging exercises.

Side kick series:

For: abdominals, all thigh muscles – especially inner thighs

Circles with one leg at a time:

For: abdominals, thighs, hip flexors.

Roll up – roll down:

For: abdominals. Works great!

Front support-plank:

For: back extensors, abdominals, shoulders, arms.

Chest lifting:

For: abdominals – especially upper abs.





And the channel where you can watch even more videos:

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