10 Beauty Hacks Every Teenage Girl Should Know

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Everybody wants to look beautiful. For that, you make lots of effort, but most of the times nothing works. You were lacking in the proper guideline. Every woman yearns for beauty tips that will help her become more beautiful in the least possible time. Only your time, a little effort and of course a handful amount of money is required. Famous Beauticians and Dermatologists from around the world have shared the best yet simple and easy beauty hacks every teenager girl should know.

Having smooth skin, beautiful long hair, soft lips, thick nails and a good smell around you. If that is your ultimate beauty goal, then nothing can stop you. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Well, beauty is just concerned with fairness. It has some direct relationship with the inner self. It is connected to the heart. The more beauty your heart is confined with, the more of the beauty it pours in the person’s eyes. And when eyes glow, the whole self of a person is inland of heavens.

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Here Are the Best Beauty Hacks You Must Try

1) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep a bottle of water with you during the day. And besides your bed at night. Water keeps your body hydrated. It helps maximize your physical performance, significantly affects energy levels and brainstorming and treat headaches.

Drinking lots of water improves our digestive system, may relieve constipation and can be an aid to weight loss. Not only this drinking plenty of water helps in maintaining fresh skin and also keeps your body active.

2) Meditation Is the Best Therapy

Reducing stress and developing concentration are the reasons for meditation therapy you have already heard about. You will get amazed to know, meditation does a lot more than this. It comforts your body pains, helps you in controlling anxiety, you will get more concerned about your emotional health.

Meditation wakes you up and lets you know yourself, you will likely be more interested in discovering yourself before someone else makes a wrong statement about you. You will redirect to maintain the purpose of your life and see hope ahead after every failure. Besides, you will see more calmness in your life, more kindness in your behaviour and bring stability within you.

3) Salt Your Teeth

Sprinkle some white salt on your toothbrush and then brush your teeth gently. Rinse your mouth and watch out for the magic. You will see as if someone just sewed the white pearl into your gums. If you regularly enjoy coffee, tea, or red wine you may know these foods leave behind stains on your teeth so this is the perfect remedy your teeth need right now.

Also, salt on your teeth is one of best beauty hacks.

It helps in quick whitening, removes stains, and also clear away the plaque that constantly forms on teeth. DO NOT repeat this hack every other day, as it may result in removing enamel (tissue that covers the entire anatomic crown of the tooth), and once it’s gone it’s gone. You can repeat this hack twice a week only. You must also continue flossing; it removes plaque from in between the teeth.

4) Take Cold Baths

Having a cold bath in the early morning is the best thing you can have to start a fresh day. Eases your sore and aching muscles, simply makes the lazy body feel good, helps your nervous system aids your sleep and makes you less fatigue.

It decreases the inner body temperature, decreases the effect of heat and trains your vagus nerve system which is linked with your nervous system. Helps you face stressful situations more adequately.

5) Aloe Vera Is the Best Skin Healer

As you enter into your teenage, many hormonal changes occur, which may result in, uneven skin tone, pimples, rashes, and even acne. Which doesn’t look good at all! It’s a form of bacteria that you shouldn’t even pop or touch when they happen. And visits to the doctor may cause you lots of charges. Aloe Vera gel is the solution to all these problems.

Aloe Vera is one of most underrated beauty hacks. It repairs your skin, improve moisture control, regenerate new cells, even your skin tone and treats your acne problem. Moreover, it can be a quick settlement to your hair loss and reintroduce your natural hair look.

6) Garlic Thicken Your Nails

Garlic is rich in selenium. So, it is best for your healthy nails growth. You can even use a slice of garlic on your nails. If it is too pungent for you, you can make garlic oil to use as a nail mask. To do this, Sauthe’ garlic or mince it into a pan with some olive oil (castor oil can also be an alternative to it). Cook it for 10 minutes on low flame. Now, filter it into a dropper. Before you go to bed massage your nails and cuticles gently every night.

When you wake up in the morning, massage your nails again. Remember, massage stimulates blood flow which delivers nutrients from the bloodstream into your nails.

7) Milk Cream Moist Your Lips as No Other Remedy Can

It is a type of thick, yellowish, clotted cream. It’s made by the heating whole, non-homogenized milk to about 180°F (82.2°C). After about an hour, the milk is cooled down and is coated with a thick layer of cream over it. Because it is super-natural, you can assume it has no after-effects on your lips. Rather makes your lips soft, brighten the lip colour and make them moist. Especially in cold in dry regions, lips get dry very fast. Milk cream is the perfect solution for this.

Apply this before going to bed and keep it overnight. If you feel any unpleasant smell, you can add honey or crushed rose petals to it. And even refrigerate for a week.

8) Rosemary Do Wonders to Your Hair

If you are facing extreme hair fall, and poor health of your hair. Rosemary is the ultimate and long-lasting solution to this problem. You can use the rosemary essential oil in your hair oils. If not, you can make the rosemary oil at home. It’s very easy and convenient. And also smells too good. Buy the rosemary stems from any supermarket (plant them into a pot to grow them. So, next time you won’t need to run to the market to get this plant).

Chop the stems and put them into a pan with pure olive oil. Cook it on low flame for half an hour. The oil will change its colour to olive green. Now filter it into a bottle. Massage this oil into your hair roots, every thrice a week. After a month you will see your hair has been thicker and stronger. And they shine like never before.

9) Beetroots Is the Best Skin Lightener

Shaving causes hair to grow even thicker than earlier. So many of us use hair removal cream, which leaves dark patches on the body. And they become even darker if not treated. Beetroot is a natural vegetable that is not only rich in taste but also in benefits. It helps in lightening the skin tone. They have anti-oxidant properties, a role in collagen synthesis, helps in preventing and repairing dry skin. They are high in vitamin C, so consider them to be too good for skin reparation.

10) Exfoliating Removes Your Dead Particles on Skin

Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells from the skin by chemicals, granulating substance or exfoliating tools. Your skin itself sheds dead skin and makes room for new cells in 15 days. For using chemicals for this beauty hack, you can visit the pharmacists to suggest the chemical. However, if you want to make it done by granulating or exfoliating tools which are done manually, it includes body brushes, cleaning scrubs and shower loofahs. They all are common methods. To do it a better way, you can make any of your scrubs at home for yourself. For example, coffee scrub, which can be used at any part of your body. You need to have sugar, coffee, honey and warm water. Take 1 tablespoon of coffee, 1 tablespoon of sugar and half tablespoon honey. Add a teaspoon of warm water and scrub it on your body wearing gloves on your hands. After a shower, you will feel your skin softer and more beautiful.

So, these are today’s beauty hacks that will make you look gorgeous!

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