10 Tips for a Pain-Free Epilation

If you decided that it is the moment to use the epilator and give up on the classic razor, you will have to get used to he idea that at least at the beginning, it will hurt. Well, that's pretty normal, considering that the hair follicles will be pulled out. But, don't panic, I have some tips to trick the pain.

If you’ve been told that wax epilation or the one using the epilator could be painful, you’ve been told right. But you should know that, as time passes by, the pain will almost go away and you will end up with some fainted pinches, because the hairs will be sparse, thinner and softer. Until then, to minimise the pain, let’s follow the tips below.

Have a Shower First

If you don’t have an epilator that can be activated under water, then you should have a short hot shower first; it will open pores. This way, the hairs can be pulled out more easily, they will pose much opposition – and of course, the pain will be lighter.

Use Exfoliating Products

Exfoliation is a very important step that should not be neglected if you don’t want to feel pain during epilation. The reason is simple. A body exfoliating cream helps to eliminate – in addition to sebum and impurities – the dead skin. This way, your skin will become soft and smooth, and hair will not grow inside. Exfoliation can be done with special brushes or gloves.

Stretch the Skin

After your shower and after you used exfoliating products you have to dry your skin very well, dabbing it with a cotton towel. Do not rub aggressively as you don’t want  shaving irritation or redness before epilation. Another trick that you can try that will reduce the pain is to stretch the skin thoroughly before beginning to pluck hairs. Basically, you will handle the epilator with one hand while with the other hand stretching the skin in the area where you will epilate. You will feel much less pain.

Buy an Advanced Epilator

It is very important to have an efficient epilator, produced by renowned companies from known brands that provide as many features and accessories anti-pain as they can. We like very much models that have as an accessory a fine, rotatng brush, that massages the skin during epilation, reducing pain. There are newer models that have as anti-pain accessory a vibrating massage bar. Lastly, the epilator should be equipped with few speeds and a device that lifts hairs stuck to the skin.

Try a Wet & Dry Epilator

These devices work inclusively under running water, and you will even be able to shave in the shower. The pain that you will feel will be significantly diminished because the pores are opened and hairs – much softer and easier to extract. Try both types of hair removal – wet and dry – and see which suits you best.

Take a Ibuprofen Pill First

You can take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before epilation for pain mitigation. This medicine relieves pain and has a strong anti-inflammatory action. But be careful! Ibuprofen is an analgesic acid and its administration is, in certain situations contraindicated. If you have hypersensitivity to NSAIDs if you have ulcers, hemorrhage, hepatic, cardiac or renal impairment should avoid such drugs or take them only after you have consulted your doctor.

Try Analgesic Ointment

If you ask your pharmacist, you will find that on the market there are many creams and ointments with anti-inflammatory analgesic effect. Also try this trick: apply the ointment on the skin, rub well, then start waxing. Opt for menthol products because they have a soothing effect.

Not “pinch” the Skin!

Pain occurs when you pull out root hairs, especially when you pinch the skin. In places where it is pinched, the skin will redden and irritate. What to do? Try using several types of depilatory, depending on body area. For example, there are devices for removing unwanted hair from the bikini line with armpit area, and for plucking hairs that grow on hands and feet. It is very important to use the right epilator. For example, you will struggle with a larger device aimed at removing the hair from your legs if you will use it for plucking the hair from the underarm. Also it is recommended to use accessories that raises hairs that grow attached to the skin.

Do Not Shave if You Are During Menstruation Period

There is a myth! In the period before menstruation or while you’re during menstruation the skin is more sensitive to pain. Shaving is not recommended now because it will be quite excruciating.

Do Not Use Razor Blade Between Hair Removal Sessions

Classic razor helps you get rid of unwanted hair, leaving skin smooth and supple, but for a short period of time – one day, maximum two. Then you will notice that the hair will start to grow, the skin becoming rough to the touch. One of the biggest drawbacks of the blade is that leads to thickening threads, which are then more difficult to pluck and the process is painful. If you use the epilator or depilatory wax, it is recommended to permanently opt out the razor blade. Otherwise, the hair, instead of becoming increasingly finer and rarer, will become thicker and more dense. And the next epilation will be an ordeal.

And Now, One More Epilation Tip: Should We Use Ice Cubes or Not?

Some people use ice cubes to alleviate pain on the areas that needs to be epilated. It is true that the ice relieves pain but at the same time, also closes pores. In this way, the hairs are hoerder to remove. So here’s a double-edged remedy. Our recommendation is to try this option, even if it is risky. This way, you’ll know how it works on you.


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