Diet Test: Why Don’t You Lose Weight?

You are in a continuous diet without any results? You are not the only one… Maybe it’s the food, or your lifestyle – answer to these questions and find out what’s wrong and what to do to make it right!


1.    What Do You Have for Dinner?

A.  Whatever I can find in the fridge or in the store (cheese, biscuits, pretzels)
B.  I usually skip dinner because of the lack of time
C.  Pizza, junk food, Chinese food, I can order anything I like
D. I dinner out
E.  I cook for diner, pretty healthy things, with vegetables and fresh meat

2.    What Do You Find Most of the Time in Your Shopping Basket?

A.    Canned food, sausages, but also all the necessary things (milk, fruits, eggs) I rarely cook a meal at home
B.    Chicken breast and vegetables (fresh or frozen), yogurt, cereals, cheese cream
C.    Frozen food, easy to cook
D.   Red meat, chicken, plain water, ice-cream, something sweet but natural, I try to eat pretty healthy, but also to satisfy my culinary desires
E.    Milk, vegetables, cereals, and fresh chicken meat

3.    What Errors Do You Accept During Weekends?

A.    I eat a lot and very often
B.    I rarely have the time for a real meal, I eat what I can and whenever I can
C.    The main dishes are full and I eat many other things as “snacks”
D.   I have a late breakfast and I dinner out, at the restaurant, in this way, I eat more then I need
E.    I usually eat out, like I do in the rest of the week

4.    When Do You Have a Snack?

A.    I can’t resist the temptation of a snack every time someone is asking me to “grab a bite”
B.    When I realize I am hungry but I don’ t have time for a real meal
C.    When I desire “something good”: pretzels, chocolate, biscuits…
D.   When I see something I like in a store
E.    Before lunch, to keep my energy, and between lunch and dinner (twice a day)

5.    Do You Cook at Home?

A.    No
B.    Yes, often but quick dishes
C.    Nope, I usually order food or buy fast food on the way home
D.   Only when I feel like eating a certain dish
E.    Always, I want to make sure I eat only healthy foods

6.    When Do You Eat the Most in a Day?

A.    Late at night, when I get home
B.    At dinner
C.    When I am really really hungry
D.   At lunch and dinner
E.    I try to follow all the 3 important meals in a day

7.    What Does a Dish Mean to You? (a Food Portion)

A.    I never considered it before, I don’t know, as much as I want
B.    I try to keep it in some normal ranges, but I really like to eat
C.    I eat at the restaurant where dishes are already made, so I can’t choose my own size
D.   I eat with moderation and I know that I have to stop before I feel full

8.    What Feels the Most Difficult When You Are on a Diet?

A.    To master my hunger
B.    Preparing the diet aliments, I don’t have time for that
C.    To master my culinary desires
D.   The taste of diet food
E.    Frustration, although I am on a diet, I still don’t lose weight as quickly as I wanted

9.    What Do Vegetables and Fruits Mean for You?

A.    I don’t really see them in my fridge
B.    I eat only the ones I can consume without washing (comfortable)
C.    I eat a lot of strawberries, it means I like them right?
D.   They are the largest part of my everyday diet
E.    I eat them at every meal, but I choose different types every time

Results: Find Out Where You’re Wrong and What to Do to Make It Better

Majority of “A”:

You have so unhealthy eating habits…when you are hungry you eat whatever, whenever just to please your stomach.
What to do: You need to make a strict eating program: 3 meals per day and 2 snacks! One snack consists of a fruit/ two carrots/ a yogurt/ a bunch of fistic. Take care with the size of your food portions, a regular one is made of what enters (without pressing) in a desert plate.

Majority of “B”:

You are kind of lazy and this sabotages all your struggling. It is no surprise that when you sit down to eat you are not interested about the dimensions of your portions.
What to do: Get organized: in your shopping day make a list with everything you really need to buy and don’t ramble from it. But everything you need to eat in the next week, nothing more! Stuff your handbag with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, fistic, yogurts and, for lunch eat salads and grilled meat. You can order them too! J

Majority of “C”:

Well…the desire, food desire dictates your eating habits and your weight! Every time you want to start a diet you see a cookie and it’s over!
What to do: First you have to “kill” the “food desires” that harm you. When you “need” a cookie drink a large glass of milk and wonder: do I really need this cookie? Train your brain to work with you not against you. It takes a lot of will and inner power. When you feel like eating some chocolate, you are allowed to eat one small piece, not the entire or half a chocolate!

Majority of “D”:

You like to eat out. Well, it’s not a bad thing, you probably have fine tastes when it comes to food. The problem is that you don’t really know the ingredients they use to prepare your delicious dishes, and you can get fat even if you eat a simple salad.
What to do: Try to cook at home, so you will have full control over the ingredients. Eat less, every meal should be served in a small desert plate, not more! Try to eat vegetables, fruits, proteins (meat) and in the morning cereals. You will have a balanced diet and your body will get all the needed nutrients.

Majority of “E”:

Well, a perfectionist. What to do? Why don’t you lose weight? Most likely, your metabolism suffers from the know “stationary” phase: it stops consuming calories, it’s more like a “reserve creator” because you probably lost weight quickly or it just got used to the healthy food you are offering it and stops reacting.
What to do: you have to make small changes here and there. Continue to eat healthy, maybe you could eat a little bit more and, a good thing to do is to increase your water income! Water is a trick for your metabolism.

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