The Six Steps Guide to a Hot and Killer Abdomen

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The proper way to train abs is widely debated. In reality, what works for someone else may not work for you. Since everyone has a different body type, results will vary from person to person and one of the biggest reasons Most people fail is because they aren’t using the correct technique with their abdominal exercise.

The Dangers of Belly Fat

First let’s talk about how your abdomen turned into one of your biggest enemies. Your belly’s fat cells aren’t as lazy as you might expect. In addition to padding your midsection with unwanted bulk, they’re also continually releasing toxic fatty acids into your bloodstream. Negative impacts belly fat can have on your health:

  • Excess belly fat makes it more difficult for your body to process insulin, which increases your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Fat cells secrete a hormone called cortisol, which has been linked to increased levels of stress and high blood pressure.
  • Those with flabby abdominals are more likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks, as the fat cells interfere with the functioning of the body’s vital organs.

There are several exercises you can do for abs. Here are six of them, but I ca assure you that you will find more on the internet:

CrunchesMost already know how to perform this exercise. It is basic, yet highly effective. Abdominal crunches can be performed on various surfaces (mats, balls, etc.). Lay down on the floor, knees bent, hands resting on your thighs, feet and lower back pressing into the ground. Squeeze the abdominals as you lift your upper body toward your knees. Lower. Your hands will naturally move up and down your leg. Exhale up, inhale down. Repeat 20 times.

Side CrunchesSide crunches are similar to regular crunches, except the main focus is on the oblique muscles, which reside on the sides of the abdomen.

Cross – Lay on your back, knees bent. Use your hands to support the head, thumbs right behind your ears. Keeping your right shoulder on the ground, twist the left side of your body up and over, pointing your left shoulder toward your right knee. Lower. Repeat 15 times each side.

Crunch with Alternate Twist Same position, knees bent, hands supporting the head. Crunch up; twist your body to the right; twist your body to the left; and crunch forward again. Release, but do not lower your head all the way to the ground. Repeat this series of fluid movements 10 times.

These Exercises Will Strengthen Your Oblique Muscles:

Side Lift Lie on your left side with legs together and knees bent. Place your left arm comfortably in front of you and place your right hand behind your ear, elbow bent. Exhale and use your obliques to lift your right knee while simultaneously lifting your upper torso to meet it. Inhale and slowly lower to the starting position. Do all reps and switch sides.

Leg Overs Lie flat on your back with your arms extended at from the shoulders, perpendicular to your body. Bring your bent knees in toward your chest and hold them with thighs perpendicular to the floor, calves parallel to the floor. Inhale and use your oblique’s to lower your legs to the left side, keeping knees bent. Exhale, pulling your knees back to the center and lowering them to the right side. Be sure to keep both shoulder blades flat on the floor throughout the movement.

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