The Best Abs Burning Exercises

Who does not want to burn abs? People desperate to lose weight are thrown into desperate measures such as starving, taking expensive supplements or make the last miracle diet that promises to give you that perfect figure. Most people are aware that abdominal fat is very difficult to eliminate and requires many efforts.

Unfortunately, after falling into a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, the abdomen is the area that reveals the most weight. In response to the need to look a more stylized and healthy figure, today we have found multiple ways to lose weight in that area and achieve the desired measures. However, many are still failing in their attempt to achieve a flat stomach, since beyond a good diet and slimming creams, it is essential to perform physical activity. This habit is crucial to increase energy expenditure and also to tone and strengthen the muscles of this region. According to multiple experts in nutrition, following a diet of controlled calories and 60 minutes of moderate daily activity of exercise will help us lose weight and achieve a beautiful belly. In fact, high-intensity aerobic exercise will be much more effective in eliminating belly fat.

It is important to remember that maintaining the body’s metabolism and functioning so that the body burns calories constantly prevents it from entering the fat storage mode that causes unnecessary weight gain. One important thing to remember when we start a program to lose abs is to understand what needs to be done.

Realistic and achievable goals can help us improve our confidence. This is totally necessary so that we can achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.

That is why a good selection of exercises to lose abdominal fat is essential. Therefore, we have gathered effective exercise for abs losing to achieve our goals:


The abdominals are one of the best exercises to help us develop the six load muscles and the obliques. To do this exercise, we should place the hands in the back of our head in the supine position.

We will bring the knees to the chest while lifting the shoulders off the ground. Slowly, we will change the leg, simulating the movement of pedaling on a bicycle. It is important to maintain the rhythm to provoke a stimulus on the muscles of the abdomen stronger.

Crunch With Medicine Ball

For this exercise, it is necessary to have a Swiss ball of exercises. In this routine, the abdomen is not worked in the same way as with other exercises. Since one of the difficulties that it adds is the stabilization of the trunk. To do this exercise, we will place the ball in the lower back. Must be fully supported on the ball.

We will place, later, the hands behind the head. To lift the torso of the ball, we will contract the abdominals to pull the lower part of the rib cage towards the hips. We will keep the ball stable as we bend to do the exercise, contracting the abdominal muscles.


The Russian twist is a very useful abdominal exercise to work the belly as a whole, especially the lateral sections of it. The movement is preferable to do it with a disc or a dumbbell held by our hands.

The reason is that by ballasting the Russian turn, we will increase muscle tension. But, we should try to start doing it without weight. If this is the first time we have done it, it is more important to focus on acquiring the necessary technique. Since it is one of the most complicated abdominal fat loss exercises to master at the beginning. But, luckily, the correct pattern of movement is quickly acquired.



The iron, also known as “plank”, is an exercise in resistance that works almost all the muscle groups of the body.  When done correctly, it is possible to strengthen the lumbar area, the buttocks, the legs and, of course, the abdomen.

If the exercises suggested above are not giving you the expected results, I recommend this AmaTop10 that will help you to lose your abs. You can also try fat burners that help shape your abs and lose that belly fat.

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