5 Best Home Gym Equipment for a Cheap Workout

Whether you’re looking to come out the summer season with washboard abs or up your endurance on a budget, here are the 5 best home gym equipment you’ll need.
Home gym equipment

You do not need an expensive gym to get serious about getting in good body shape. With just a few square feet to play with, you must not leave your home. Whether you are working with a converted closet or expansive basement, here’s a list of home gym equipment – including an ab roller, kettlebells, and balance boards among others- that will not break the bank but still let you tone and workout on your own turf. Let’s get started!


1.   Kettlebell

The kettlebell is another fantastic tool to have in your home gym mainly because it provides a total workout without the need to switch equipment. Besides being a compact device, a kettlebell helps you target almost every muscle in the body, improve your coordination and body flexibility. Based on your fitness level, you can choose from a 5 to 75-pound kettlebell to swing in your living room.

  • Kettlebells help you increase the amount of weight you lift during exercises such as lunges, squats, and shoulder presses.
  • This home gym equipment also offers an intense cardiovascular workout when used to do swing exercises.

2.   Balance Board

The balance board is an excellent piece of equipment that shouldn’t miss in your home gym. Although they don’t look like much, balance boards can do a lot for your body, not to mention that they’re not as easy to use as one may think.

  • A balance board works your core muscles to the fullest, thus strengthening the core and giving you the much-coveted abs. A strong core also translates into better posture, which is another benefit of using the balance board.
  • The balance board also presents an opportunity to perform an array of exercises such as push-ups, planks, squats, lunges and balancing exercises.

3.   Jump Rope

If you cannot afford fancy machines or weights, no need to fret – a jump rope builds your endurance, burns calories, improves coordination, and strengthens leg muscles. Also, the jump rope is a solid investment if you’re looking for a cheap, portable way to get your heart pumping.

  • To reap the maximum benefits of a jump rope, eye-hand coordination must be excellent. This implies that a jump rope increases your quickness and agility.
  • This home gym accessory can be an excellent option if you’re performing CrossFit or engaging in MMA training. In addition, this exercise tool integrates jumping and arm-swinging movements that are excellent for sculpting the abs, burning fat and developing arm strength. For this, you’ll need some of the best crossfit gloves you can find, to protect your arms.

4.   Ab Roller

The ab roller is a cheap and seemingly innocuous accessory that presents quite a challenge. It’s an excellent way to spruce up your core routine and tone your midsection. You will easily strengthen your upper-body and core muscles by rolling out with this piece of equipment a few times in a week.

  • Some of the exercise variations you can perform with an ab roller are; ab wheel planks, knee roll-outs, knee tucks, oblique tuck, plank to pike and bridge holds.
  • For safety when using this piece of equipment, ensure you’re not arching your lower back and keep your head down in a neutral position.

5.   Yoga Ball

The yoga ball is timeless: Toss it on the floor or against the wall to build power, play catch with your fitness partner to work the abs, or use it in place of a dumbbell. This low-budget, exercise accessory lets you involve your whole body without jumping from one sweat-covered machine to the other in a gym.

  • With the yoga ball, you can perform an array of exercise variations such as squats, lunges, curls, push-ups, bridges and sit ups.
  • This lightweight, portable exercise tool is also great for balance training moves and stretching exercises.

The Final Word

Your home gym needs not cost a fortune. With only a couple of kettlebells, a balance board, and an ab roller, you can reap the benefits of an awesome indoor workout and save on the expensive gym memberships. Any combination of these home gym equipment makes for a great workout choice.

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