7 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Workout When You Don’t Feel Like

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Preparing yourself for showing up in the gym isn’t enough. Setting up the alarm, choosing the gym outfit, sneakers and packing the bags; all the fairytale set-up would get boring one day. The bitter truth is, finding motivation every single day feel next to impossible, especially in the initial days of your training session.

Motivation is like a plant, which you need to grow with key elements – your interests, strengths and needs. No matter a personal trainer will do many things for you, but your mind will play a game. And that little voice inside, “Will work out tomorrow” will keep on challenging your motivation.

So, before you snooze your alarm and skip the gym, drive through this blog. We’ve listed down seven ways to motivate yourself for a workout when you don’t feel like doing it.

Concentrate on the Pattern of Your Motivation:

Some days your mood is good, and that’s sufficient to keep you motivated for gyming. Make use of those days, and take a long walk, yoga class or hit the gym. But there are days when you feel like doing nothing. During that time, listen to your body and put it in recharge mode. But when you feel that you’re exercising more than usual, try to understand its reasons. Have you taken a good sleep or had a delicious dinner or something else? Understand that pattern and use it as a weapon when you continuously don’t feel like working out.

Define Your Workout Goals:

Inherent satisfaction is the greatest thing anyone would like to have. A study conducted in 2012 proved that there’s a deep relation between intrinsic motivation and working out. The intrinsic motivation comes from within (in this case, improving your health) rather than external motivation (having a beach body). Extrinsic goals are always going to ditch you, so keep an intrinsic workout goal.

A Self-Disciple Is Important:

When your motivation tries to take an exit, allow your self-disciple to become a ruling element. It’s as simple as making a habit of brushing your teeth and having a shower. We know these things are crucial. To become self-disciplined, change your internal dialogues, like if your mind is asking you to cheat, change it to, “No, I’ll do it”. Further, make yourself feel better by visualising how the results will look like in the near future. They’ll help you sail through the present.

Set Short-Term Goals Too:

You’ve already made your long-term goals; now, it’s time to set some small, daily goals. It could be anything from reaching 20 push-ups a day to 15 squats. Achieving the set goals every day allows you to energise your body. That way, you’ll feel motivated to achieve something every time while you head into the gym. Such tiny baby steps help you work hard and achieve your long-term goals.

Keep Short Workouts:

Typically, long workouts get tiring and boring, especially when you don’t feel like working out. Even 15 minutes of exercise feels too much. The reality is, it’s nothing! So, whenever you lack motivation, jump into short workouts to keep the body moving. Short workouts like HIIT can positively impact your body. You can even walk-jog for 10 minutes three to four times a day at a high and low pace both. That improves your health and helps you stay motivated.

Find a Gym Pal:

Let’s hypothesise: You’re left with your last push-up to complete your daily goal, and your workout buddy is there to say, “Common, you can do it”. How will you feel? Motivated, right? A gym pal shares similar interests and pursues the same goals. Working with them boosts your motivation. During the times of virtual workout sessions, you can find virtual partners too who’ll help you stick to your goals. Similarly, you’ll aid them to achieve theirs.

Turn on Your Workout Playlist:

Last but not least, high-energy songs pep up your mood for working out. They aid you in changing your mood and normal clothes into gym outfits and keeping you moving. Such songs keep you active and feel ready to work out. Most importantly, it takes you to the gym. Once you’re there, you’ll stick to your exercises.

Let’s Change the Mood!

Yay! Though motivating yourself for gyming seems difficult, you should do it. The above ways will surely help you stay motivated to show up in the gym and work out. If that’s pretty hard for you as a beginner, then do some physical activity at home. There are numerous benefits of regular physical activity that can boost your motivation. Last but not least, keep changing your workouts and enjoy the perks!

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