Can Hydrotherapy Help With Weight Loss?

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Are you struggling with weight?

If you are, I bet you are trying all possible solutions, including a healthy diet, morning jogs, and probably weight loss drugs. Are you satisfied with the results so far? Probably not. But don’t get frustrated as there are more options to explore. 

Hydrotherapy is an excellent option that you can incorporate in your weight loss journey. Apart from diet and physical activities, circulation also plays a vital role in weight loss. While jumping in and out of the bathtub may not lead to weight loss, relaxation, improved sleep, and less stress can be vital in ensuring weight loss. 

So, how does hydrotherapy help you in weight loss?

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How Does Hydrotherapy Help in Weight Loss?

  •  Circulation

Hydrotherapy is a technique in medicine in which water is used in relieving neural and musculoskeletal conditions. Among the many benefits of hydrotherapy include weight loss and lower blood pressure. 

Making trips to the bathtub can help you shed some extra weight. When you enter your bathtub, you increase your heart rate and dilate the blood vessels. This allows your body to enhance circulation, which is vital for helping your body get rid of extra fat. 

  •  Burning calories

Observing a healthy diet like grabbing a protein shake alone may not offer the best solution to obesity or weight problems. It would be best to combine it with other tips such as working out and relaxing, among others. 

The same applies to hydrotherapy. You cannot rely on soaking yourself in a bathtub alone to shed off the extra pounds. However, it is better than idling on the couch, which leads to adding more calories. Combining the activity with other exercises may lead to the shedding of the extra pounds. 

Having a glass of water while relaxing in the bathtub before dinner can help you feel fuller, which prevents you from eating a lot. Having a soak in the bathtub before going to sleep also allows you to relax and have a better sleep. Longer, restful, and deeper sleep contribute to the prevention of weight gain. 

  •  Reduction of stress

When we are stressed, our body produces a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol prevents the body from building new muscles that help in burning the extra calories. 

Cortisol also increases your craving for high-fat foods, which leads to weight gain. The hormone also increases your body fat levels, especially around the abdomen. 

So, How Does Hydrotherapy Help in Reducing Cortisol?

When you soak yourself in the bathtub, your body, mind, and muscles relax. With reduced stress levels, there is less production of cortisol, which prevents weight gain. 

  •  Hydrotherapy deals with insomnia

When you don’t have enough sleep, your body is stressed out. The body reacts to the stress by producing or inhibiting the production of particular hormones. 

For instance, lack of sleep causes the production of more ghrelin in the body. Ghrelin is the hormone in the body that is responsible for recognizing hunger. When there are increased hormone levels, you will feel hungry more often, which invites you to eat more. The more you eat, especially unhealthy foods, the more your chances of gaining weight. 

Also, lack of sleep inhibits the production of the leptin hormone in the body. Leptin is the hormone that makes your body recognize you are full after eating. If you have low levels of leptin, your body won’t recognize when you are full. Therefore, you are likely to eat more, which leads to more chances of adding weight.

Insomnia also increases your serotonin levels, which makes you eat more food. The lack of sleep also puts your body in survival mode due to the stress. While in that mode, the body tries to conserve resources by storing more fats. 

Hydrotherapy helps to relax your mind and muscles. Thus, your body produces balanced hormones such that if you eat, you will feel full, and you won’t feel hungry fast. This reduces the amount of food you eat, which in turn reduces the chances of gaining weight. 

When you enter the bathtub, the body temperature goes up. When you come out, the temperatures go down, which makes you sleep faster and deeper. 

Final thoughts on hydrotherapy  

Hydrotherapy alone is not enough to help you lose weight. You will need to combine it with other lifestyle changes such as checking your diet and working out. Soaking in the bathtub enables you to relax, allowing you to work out more and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The relaxation also helps your body to produce the right hormones, which balances your food intake. 

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