Intensive slimming program

Contrary to commercials ideas, losing weight is not an easy thing. When you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, you must change almost your entire life. We offer a few tricks to lose weight efficient and healthy.

First step: “consult” the scale

To get to admire your own image again in the mirror or in photographs, you must start: go to the scale, take a calendar and a pen, and note how many kilograms you have now and how many want to lose. When you calculate the number of kilos you want to get rid off, fix, for start, an easily achievable target, specifically no more than 5 kilograms less than the actual weight. Pull the line and move on.

Diet starts on Monday

[singlepic id=243 h=170 float=left]Two weeks. It is enough to reach the first target. It starts Monday, because it will be easier to follow our program, which consists of a diet low in calories, with little fat and lots of sports. It is not a strict menu, the only food that should give up definitely are concentrated sweets, like cookies and candies, because they have more calories than necessary. Although some believe that the fruits should be forbidden, experts say that’s not true. But you should choose the ones with fewer calories.


[singlepic id=342 h=150 float=right]Grain (integral cereals) (100g) – 350 calories
A large skimmed yogurt with probiotics (500ml) – 200 calories
A glass of milk (low fat) (250ml) – 100 calories
1-2 fresh fruit or crushed fruit juice – 60 calories
A black coffee sweetened with a spoon of honey (5-10ml) – 34 calories
A hard-boiled egg – 145 calories
A slice of fresh dietary cheese – 100 calories


[singlepic id=207 h=150 float=right]A vegetable salad with olive oil – 50 calories
A portion of cheese with tomatoes – 120 calories
Vegetables cooked in steam (100g) – 50 calories
Chicken barbecue (without skin) – 180 calories
Rice with vegetables (100g) – 150 calories
A portion of lentils (100g) – 116 calories
A portion of peas (100g) – 64 calories
Grilled Mushrooms (100g) – 30 calories
Bread with rye flour (100g) – 210 calories


[singlepic id=157 h=150 float=right]A vegetable soup (250ml) – 70 calories
Lettuce salad with a drop of olive oil (100g) – 50 calories
A portion of the salmon fillet grilled with lemon (200g) – 220 calories
Chicken barbecue (without skin) (200g) – 180 calories

Attention! Do not get dinner later than 19.00 hours because after that time the metabolism is slowed down.

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