Fitness Courses You Might Be Interested In

We will explain the different personal training courses of the major fitness trends of the moment.

Group fitness classes include a wide variety of techniques and methods. When you take out a subscription to a gym, it is not always easy to choose from the plethoric list of disciplines offered. Disciplines whose names sometimes tell you nothing at all. We will explain the different personal training courses of the major fitness trends of the moment. You can make your choice easily, depending on your goals, your physical condition, and your desires. 

You just have to follow the guide!

Pilates Class: Resume Physical Activity

For those who want to regain control, the first advice is obviously to get back to sport gradually. No sudden sport that would hurt your body. No too cardio activity which you could not keep up with and which would, therefore, be a little demotivating. In a gym, well advised by a coach, you can put on strength training and complete this activity with a little bike or elliptical trainer.

But if you prefer to participate in a group class, Pilates is an excellent choice. This discipline is inspired by gymnastics, the floor bar and, yoga. Neither violent nor traumatic for the body, Pilates helps firm up your figure gently but surely. It is based on six principles: concentration, control, and centering, precision, fluidity and, breathing.

If you are diligent, this technique allows you to gain strength, coordination and, flexibility as well as improve your posture, thus effectively fighting against back pain. During the sessions, all the muscles are stressed, especially the abdominals and the glutes. On the equipment side, a carpet and a comfortable outfit are enough. A Pilate’s session generally lasts an hour and, to get results, we recommend that you schedule two sessions per week. In this way, you will regain contact with your body and regain a good physical condition.

Yoga Class: Want to Have a Zenitude

Doing physical activity is not necessarily synonymous with stress relief. It can also take the form of a Zen discipline like yoga. A discipline that, like Pilates, allows you to work your muscles in-depth, to acquire more flexibility but also to overcome stress and to feel more in harmony with your body and your environment.

There are many varieties of yoga. From the gentlest like Yin yoga to the most physical like Bikram yoga. Sports halls generally offer several types, so depending on your desires and your goals, you choose the one that suits you best. A yoga session lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes and during this, whatever the type of yoga chosen, you follow very precise postures (“asana”, in Sanskrit) by concentrating well on your breathing. As with Pilates, the equipment required to do yoga is limited to a mat and comfortable clothing.

It is a discipline for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. And gradually, with two sessions per week, you will be able to watch your progress. As well in terms of flexibility, balance, endurance or even concentration.

RPM Course: Let Off Steam

Among the very fashionable activities, RPM is undeniably a sure bet. RPM – for “rotation per minute” – is a discipline that is practiced indoors, generally in groups, in music, on bikes created especially for this activity. These are similar to exercise bikes but the required position is similar to that of cyclists and a small wheel helps harden the pedaling resistance.

The lessons take place with a coach who, depending on the rhythm of the music, offers cadences and varying degrees of difficulty. So, like in a real bike race, you climb passes, do sprints, ride a time trial, alternating work of endurance, speed and, strength. Physically, the RPM allows us to build muscle and refine the silhouette but also to improve our cardiovascular capacities. Being a “worn” sport (unlike running, for example), this discipline is suitable for everyone.

Side atmosphere, these are courses that give fishing, especially with music but the work is really substantial. A smoothly conducted RPM course usually ends in sweat but with a smile on your face!

Zumba Class: Love to Dance

If there is one sport that really gives fishing, it is Zumba. Nothing like after a difficult day like a Zumba class to feel better. Largely inspired by Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, samba or even reggae ton, Zumba is a choreographed dance class. This discipline was invented in the 90s by a Colombian dancer and choreographer.

The lessons generally last 1 hour, start with a warm-up of about 10 minutes and end with a song at a lower rate and some stretching. In between, it’s 100% release. But a lot of work is done at the cardio level and it is all of the muscles that are used. Zumba is a perfect sport for those who like to move their bodies, in a dynamic atmosphere and who want to sweat well.

Body Pump Class: Firming Up

We end with another strong trend in recent years: the body pump. It is a group lesson in music that allows you to learn bodybuilding in a fun but very effective way. During the lessons, you do complete exercises with a barbell with weights and a step. It is a global muscle building course, so you do not work on any specific quality such as strength, power, explosiveness, etc. It allows a harmonious and balanced development of your figure, with also a certain “cardio” aspect of the made of more or less long series.

A body pump class lasts about 55 minutes and is divided into ten songs which, in addition to warming up and returning to calm, work with eight muscle groups. This very complete discipline is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age. The only prerequisite: do not skimp on efforts!

Now, you have the cards in hand to choose the course that best suits you. You just have to put on your best sports outfit and go to the gym closest to you. See you in 6 weeks for the first results!


Overall, two options are available to you:

  • The fitness course focused on a sport, on fixed dates and times, in the presence of a professional sportsman.
  • The sports club with weight room, fitness equipment (treadmill, rower, elliptical trainer, etc.) and group sessions (sometimes in the form of video lessons).

If, for example, you want to indulge in Zumba and progress, having a multitude of machines at your disposal is of little interest. At the same time, with a constraining timetable, the gym open 7 days a week has undeniable advantages. The price of the subscription and the different formulas (with or without commitment), as well as the proximity of the fitness club, are obvious criteria of choice.

Whatever your preference, you will almost always benefit from a personalized sports coaching service. Finally, your fitness program will systematically start with a warm-up and end with stretching. If you want to start a career in fitness training, the first thing to consider is a personal trainer’s degree.


To choose the right fitness club, it is better to have specific search criteria. There are always more fitness classes. Each fitness center, or fitness center, compete for offers to attract new members. If you are determined to play sports in a fitness area, here are the different parameters to take into account. In between, fitness clubs are growing. Their specificity is to favor guided bodybuilding rather than dumbbells and to offer sessions for seniors, pregnant women and children or adolescents. Some are geared towards low-cost fitness, others highlight the luxury and availability of staff.

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