3 Ways to Have a Relaxing Girls’ Weekend Over Video Chat

A virtual spa party is a great way to bring friends and family members together when they haven’t connected in a while.

The Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing norms have restricted going out and spending time with your close friends. But not being able to visit restaurants and malls does not mean that you cannot hang out with your best buds. A great way to keep in touch and indulge in catching up is via video conferencing. Pick from the many free software options out there like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, HouseParty, and Facebook Messenger, to name a few. Schedule a time that works for everyone and get set to have a wonderful time.

1.   Have a “Get Beautiful” Party

When you’re trying really hard to balance professional commitments and work from home with endless household chores, finding the time for self-pampering can be challenging. Grab this excuse to have some me-time with your gal pals with a spa at home. Order a package containing a selection of organic beauty products for each of the girls. Your Zoom virtual spa party will have hypoallergenic items, such as a double cleanser, toner, CBD face masks, hydrating serums, and fruit peels, complete with moisturizers and eye creams for finishing touches.

2.   Snack Healthy for Glowing Skin

Any party is incomplete without snacks, so choose nibbles rich in antioxidants that make your skin glow with health. Place orders for a dried fruit gift basket for each of your friends and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Bite into the goodness of dehydrated fruits that taste similar to their original versions with just most of their water content removed by drying. You could also pick out baskets that also have a selection of nuts and yummy chocolates.

Here’s an interesting fact: Chocolate is loaded with flavonoids and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E which work well to reverse the effects of UV rays on your skin. It’s the perfect excuse to have a sweet snack.

3.   Personalized Tees

Add a fun element to your spa party by ordering a bunch of custom tank tops. Create graphics for the tees or to design a fantastic print for the party. If your crew has a self-appointed name, wear it proudly in a cute font.

Companies that distribute personalized apparel are usually happy to print a variety of sizes so that everyone can feel comfortable and look their best. Your friends are going to enjoy sporting tank tops for the party with matching themes. And, when they’re home alone later, they can wear the tank top as a way of carrying your friendship with them throughout the day.

Plan the Event Carefully

Take your time planning the event to make sure everyone is sure to have a great time. It’s easy to spend more than you planned, so look for cost-saving options with discounts and coupons. (You won’t be alone–coupon statistics tell us that 70% of shoppers have increased their savings efforts since the pandemic began.)

Schedule a time suitable for everyone and restrict the guest list to four to five friends. Choose a platform that is easy to use and give the girls time to work out technical issues before you get started. Be ready to offer tips to help them along if they get stuck. You would also want to place orders for the supplies ahead of time so everyone receives their packages and are all set for the spa party.

A virtual spa party is a great way to bring friends and family members together when they haven’t connected in a while. Doing something fun like DIY beauty treatments, chatting, and munching on delicious snacks is the perfect way to do that. You don’t need the excuse of an anniversary or birthday to organize these events. Just set a day and invite your friends to be there. Because!

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