Swimming, the Alternative for Classic Sports

woman ocean swimming

It sounds pretty dumb, but swimming is a “thing” witch calms you down and improves your physical training in the same time. If many diets that you tried did not succeed or you simply think that they are not  enough, I think it would not hurt to try a sport that requires physical exercise, but helps you relax in the same time.

There are two types of sports: aerobic (jogging, basketball, swimming, gymnastics- generally those that stimulate the heart and blood circulation) and anaerobic (which means all sports practiced indoor (hall), such as weightlifting or fitness).

A sport that offers a very harmonious development for body and mind  is swimming.

Swimming, practiced regularly, provides cardio resistance, stimulates blood circulation, help muscle development, maintains a normal blood pressure and diminishes the risk of suffering heart disease.

The movements that involve swimming help a harmonious development of the abdomen, thighs and calves, develop flexibility, strengthen your joints and for long term they help eliminate some depression or anxiety.

Moreover, this sport develops your immunity, strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory apparatus, prevents asthma and stimulates the appetite, while offering a quiet and restful sleep. Also, swimming develops self confidence, spirit of independence, emotional intelligence and concentration.

Another choice could be aqua -gym, which is carrying out a series of gymnastic exercises in the pool. It can burn more calories through these aquatic sports, but everything depends on exercise intensity with which they are made. We wrote a whole article about aqua-gym so you can find many other useful information in our other article about swimming.

Swimming can be practiced by children, beginning at age 2 or 3 years.

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