How to Stay Fit After a Diet With 10 Simple Rules

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You kept a diet, you struggled for 2 or 3 months to get rod of those extra pounds, and now what? Here are 10 golden rules to follow if you want to maintain that slim body after you finished your diet.

1. Try to “dismiss” the diet progressively: don’t forget the rules of your diet suddenly. After the grace period, add some foods from the ones your diet suppressed. In the first month after the diet do not exceed, in total, 12 normal meals.

2. Do not give up good habits you gained during your diet. Especially water consumption and limiting fats. Studies have shown that insufficient intake of water and excess fat are the main causes of fat accumulation by diet.

3. Three meals a day and two snacks are still mandatory. Enjoy dinner with at least one hour before bedtime..

4. Do not abuse pastries, do not eat anything on the street, in public transportation or car. Never eat standing up, do not “taste”, no “crunching” in front of the TV.

5. Eat foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, baked or boiled. Choose meat in the following order: fish, turkey, chicken, rabbit meat (low in calories and fat) and beef. Drop the sausages and cooked pork meat.

6. Offer yourself 30 minutes of movement per day. It’s easier than you think – walk the distance of one bus station, go up and down the stairs, walk while waiting for the bus or subway, for example. Minute by minute we “gathered” the 30!

7. Eat varied foods, slowly, small pieces, well chewed, at fixed hours. Do not you calm your anger crunching, because all your effort becomes useless.

8. Keep a balance in the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Percentage should be 50% carbohydrate, 20% fat and 30% protein. Distribution of food must comply with the “golden rule”: 30% from the morning meal, 40% at lunch, dinner 20%, 10% in the two snacks.

9. Do not starve, do not skip meals, do not skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast is the secret of successful day, where you’ll feel in shape, you will be cheerful!

10. Do not deny the things that you like, but eat them with pleasure. Are you chocolate addicted? There is no problem if you eat two or three squares of dark chocolate per day. Do you like pizza? You can spoil yourself a day per week! … Opt for cooked food and home-made sweets and avoid fast food meals!

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