4 Tips for Eating Sweets but Maintaining Your Weight

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Don’t leave the ample desire for eating sweets to sabotage the efforts of losing weight. Appetite for sweets is almost unstoppable, but you can control it! Here are 4 tips that will help you lose the desire and then, the weight. Eating suits is a 50-50 vice. Try to clean the house of everything that can cause desire (for sweets of course) :).

Reduce, Do Not Throw Away!

Let’s rephrase that … Clean almost everything. This means reduce the possibility to feel tempted. Note that I said reduce, not to throw away your little sweet pleasures. You must understand that the key is to be strong enough to resist to eating to many sweets, but, on the other hand, eating sweets is somehow healthy.

Chocolate – Good for Your Heart

A little chocolate is good for your heart. Not just metaphorically… but literally! Cocoa contains antioxidants that are healthy for the heart – any nutritionist will tell you this thing. Our advice is to limit yourself to dark chocolate or powder if you want to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, because, other types of chocolate contain to many sweeteners and saturated fats.

Make the Chocolate Your no.1 Ally

You can drink hot cocoa with milk in a cold winter night. If you panic about your weight, what would you say about a hot chocolate without fats? Preferably one with calcium, for an extra bone protection. Moderation is the key. You heard it one million times already. Remember, there is nothing wrong with a little sweet in you every day diet but the entire box of chocolate can cause a problem.

Opt for a Single Type of Candy

If you choose to eat sweets, choose only one type of candy. Try fresh fruit smoothies, or fruit jelly… and, of course you can choose black chocolate. Do not mix them. Your diet needs sweets, but with moderation!

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