Tips for Energy, Flexibility and Good Mood

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In Your Free Time:

  • Go dancing with friends, consume up to 500 calories per hour, relax, and you put all the muscles in motion.
  • Organize shopping rounds with your friends. It is necessary, however, to give up cars. Walk!!!!  It makes miracles!
  • Take your dog for a walk, or be a good neighbor and take out your neighbors dog, they are too busy anyway :). In less than an hour you will lose about 140 calories. And keep in mind that a dog should be walked 3 times a day.

At Home:

  • When cooking or doing household work, catch 1 kg weights on each ankle, so you invigorate your muscles while walking around.
  • For slender thighs and legs, try doing like 100 calf risings per da

At Work:

  • Squash between your thighs a half-liter plastic glass; your abductors will work even when seated.
  • Keep your abdomen stained while seated, all day long.
  • While waiting to get a piece of paper from the copy machine, stay in a straight line with the wall behind you and flex your knees, like you would like to sit down on a chair and maintain that position for 10 seconds.

Day by Day:

  • Give up the elevator! You can only win (a feminine look and slender legs), trying to climb the stairs in your fingertips, maintaining the back straight.
  • Walk at a sustained pace. The reward: in a half an hour you can lose up to 150 calories.

Don’t Forget About Releasing the Stress Out

Remember, relaxation of your body and you mind after workouts is a complimentary process to your overall health. Relax and meditate in between your high-energy bursts!

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