5 Fitness Exercises for Slim Legs

Don’t we all dream about those sculpted Hollywood stars legs? It seems that sometimes our legs are harder to work with than our lower abdomen (and we all know that that is one hell of a body part!). So, here are some fitness tips for working out our legs!

Wearing short skirts, capri and other short dresses can get really embarrassing with your flabby legs peeping out of them. In case you want to get rid of them but you don’t have time to hit the gym, do not worry, we have some really handy exercises for you which can be performed along with any other work.

For the following series of exercises, you should aim to complete eight to ten reps total of each movement, doing two to three sets per exercise. This should take you about twenty five to thirty minutes to get through, which allows you to take about thirty to sixty seconds of rest in between sets.

Aim to do the following workout two or three times a week, making sure to take one day off between sessions.

  1. One of the best exercises to slim legs is spinning:
    Through intervals, circuits, hills, and sprints, the class of 20 or so people on stationary bikes get a real leg workout. Cardio alone for nearly an hour would be a help anyway, but the fact that your legs are doing all the work make spinning an even more desirable option. You can document before on various types of stationary bikes and chose the right one for you.
  2. To tone your calf muscles:
    Simply lift your heels off the ground, hold them for few seconds straight in the air and bring them in their original position. Repeat this exercise two-three times a day on a regular basis. This exercise will provide flexibility to your legs as well as shape your calf muscles.
  3. Step-Ups:
    Start doing step-ups! Step-ups will work the thighs very well and give you a sleek look with plenty of definition. These can also be done entirely at home, so are great for those who don’t have access to a gym.
    To perform them you simply hold the dumbbells at your side and then step up onto a step or box leading with one foot and then leading with the other as you step back down again.
  4. Single Leg Split Squats:
    Split squats are a very good movement to really target the glute muscles and will firm and raise the way your bum looks. To perform these ones you will stand in front of a bench with one leg up behind you. Holding one dumbbell in each hand and your body weight over the standing leg underneath you, lower the body down by bending at the knee. Note that the back leg that’s raised will also bend slightly as the knee moves closer to the floor.
  5. The best workout for your flabby thighs is the leg extension exercise:
    In this exercise, you simply need to straighten your legs in forward direction while lying on the floor and then tighten your thigh muscles and try to lift your legs. Try to hold this position in air for as long as you can. Repeat it two or three times a day.
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