Learn from this article how to detox your body before the rainy season and welcome the winter healthier than never!

The perfect weapon against toxins, antioxidants, are found in aliments that you won’t even think about. Find out a simple and short way to detoxing your body before autumn installing. Learn from this article how to detox your body before the rainy season and welcome the winter healthier than never!

Detox With Popcorn

Contains polyphenols, that you also find in big dosage in teas, fruits and chocolate. They have anti-inflammatory purpose and also, they fight against cancer. In addition, popcorn contains lots of fibers.
Health tip: Don’t add butter, cheese or salt to your normal popcorn portion, it’s not healthy and it also harms your silhouette!

Detox With Eggs

Eggs contain lutein, and this is surprising because you basically find lutein in vegetables with green leafs, and, eggs are not vegetables! 🙂 Still, they contain lutein and the body seems to assimilate it easier. The best well known positive effect of eggs is protecting your eyes against cataracts and any other eye problems cause by ageing.
Health tip: It seems that by consuming an egg daily, for 5 days, you raise your lutein level with 30%, and you won’t have any problems with your cholesterol.

Detox With Chocolate

Contains polyphenols and other antioxidants from polyphenols group. Pay attention, because not any kind of chocolate contains polyphenols, the white one or the milk chocolate only contain…calories! Search for dark chocolate, the biggest amount of cocoa, the better, try the ones with over 60% cocoa.

Health tip: The recommended dose is about 4 pieces of chocolate every day (maximum).

Detox With Cinnamon

One single tea spoon of cinnamon contains more antioxidants than 100 grams of forest fruits. Cinnamon is a real help for diabetic people because it regulates glucose level.

Health tip: Take your normal breakfast eating cereals with milk and spread a teaspoon of cinnamon on top! A great thing is that cereals work best with cinnamon, because the powerful antioxidants in cereals are activated by cinnamons components.

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