How to Protect Your Skin From Sun After Facelift – Useful Tips

Skin issues might not seem alarming but skin cancer is, so adequate sun protection is important, especially after a facelift.

Summer is right here, it’s likely you will have calendar marked up with dates for beach plans, pool trips, and for BBQ parties as well. The warm weather and beautiful sun rays attract everyone – yet, sun protection is critical and should not be taken lightly as overexposing skin to sun is dangerous.

Sunscreen alone cannot provide the complete protection. You need a total program for protecting your facelift from sun; no doubt the same strategies are to follow though out the year but especially after the surgery. Exposure to sun after the surgery can affect the healing process of your body. So, here are the useful tips you can use to keep your face and rest of the body safe and secure, especially to keep your skin young and rejuvenated, but first are the advantages of keeping away from the sun.

Reduce Your Scars Appearance

Whether you have facelift, breast augmentation surgery, or even a smoother tummy, you will have scars. The surgery has to be worth the scars: this is the first condition. The second significant fact for you is that you can minimize the appearance of scars, there are various ways – protections from the sun is the #1 technique.

The scar tissue certainly behaves differently from the rest of the skin; it can get redder, darker, and more noticeable – if exposed to the UV rays. Once the damage gets done then it becomes impossible to improve the condition.

The Investment Has to Be Protected

If you spend too much time in the sun after getting a facelift, you are surely damaging the skin’s aging process and in fact speeding it up – bringing more wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Who would want such disaster after spending on a procedure to make the face look younger?

Staying in the the sun after facelift will keep you away from discoloration, while doing the exact opposite will keep you looking younger for a longer duration.

Reduced Face Skin Issues

Facelift is a process of bringing back the younger YOU. You will not want to repeat the same process of skimping sunscreen to get the pre-surgery look back? Keep yourself away from the sun especially after surgery so you can stay away from skin cancer.
So what can you do to stay protected from the sun?

Useful Tips to Protect Your Facelifted Skin From Sun:

  • Limit your time in the sun. Although it is impossible to avoid sun exposure completely, try spending less time in the sun while your body is in the recovery process. And especially avoid directly getting in contact with the sun during the midday, between the noon hours.
  • Wear clothes that can protect the sun rays reaching your skin. Wearing a white hat, sunglasses are just simple ways to keep it cool.
  • Never ever go out without the SPF sunscreen, especially during the recovery phase. UV rays are responsible for weakening the immune system and you want a smooth recovery instead.

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