5 Myths About Acne

About the factors that determine acne occurrence to how to treat it and what are the consequences - you read a lot. We wrote this beauty tip article to show you 5 myths about treating or appearance of acne.
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About acne, black points and pimples I bet you read a lot. About the factors that determine their occurrence to how to treat them and what are the consequences. But not everything is true. We wrote this tip to show you 5 myths about treating or appearance of acne.

Acne is a dermatological disease of multiple etiology, conditioned in a big part by hormones. Nutrition has also an important role in the pathogenesis of disease.In general are prone to acne people consuming chocolate, junk food and fats in large quantities. Experts recommend in the case that you suffer from acne, to chance your complete diet. Try low fat food, lots of fruits and vegetables and water, to cure your body of toxins. Also see the dermatologist once a month.

Myths About Acne:

Myth #1: Acne Occurs Because You Do Not Wash Your Face Well Enough

Dermatologists recommend to wash your face maximum twice daily. The reason is simple: repeated washing or cleaning can lead to excessive drying of skin and in this way, sebaceous glands have to work in maximum capacity. So you can see an explosion on your face. Important thing is cleaning your pores in the morning before applying make-up and in the evening before bedtime, following the famous three steps: cleaning (make-up removing), refreshing, hydration. If you suffer from acne, this does not mean that your skin does not require hydration.

Myth #2: You Have to Let Acne Manifest Freely

Another untrue thing. It is normal that if you harm the pimples by squeezing them they will become even more painful. But this doesn’t mean that you should sit and wait to get well! Go to a dermatologist because these may be sign of an allergy or an infection.

Myth #3: Stress Causes Acne

Stress does not lead to acne, but it is worsening it. Also, it may have appeared in a tratamanet prescribed as anti-stress.

Myth #4: Acne Occurs Because of Make-Up

Cosmetic products based on oil and fatty substances increase the chances of acne occurrence. But if you use non-toxic products, the ones that do not block the pores, you’ll have no problems. Even more…some cosmetic products contain zinc, and this is a great ingredient that can heal acne faster.

Myth #5: The Sun Dries Out the Pimples

In fact, excessive sun and the solar bronze are “designed” to dry and irritate skin, but in case of acne may become more aggressive. Use a SPF 15 cream and choose non-toxic products.

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