Why to Choose a Family Dentist?

If you are considering finding a family doctor, consider the analogy of choosing between buying all your groceries under one roof and buying them from different and distant vendors. Your feasible option is for the previous; buy all your groceries in one go. The same applies when sourcing for a family dentist. You wouldn’t want to visit one dentist for your root canals and your partner’s teeth whitening and then rush to a pediatric dentist for your child’s dental cleaning.

Family dentistry is one of those professions which make real the saying that time is money. And while the value of money seems to be depreciating, the cost of time is appreciating. What I am implying is that, if you appear at your child’s dental exam 10 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, chances are you will need to postpone for a week or even a month. 

“But I had to rush from my other child’s orthodontics appointment!” Well, you probably had forgotten that time is indeed money for a pediatric dentist. And now that you remember, how will you avoid missing your next appointment? I say, “Get a family dentist.”

We sought the advice of Dr. Holly Gregory, a family dentist in Kingwood, TXto find out why people seek out new family dentists.

The Time for a Family Dentist Is Now!

If you are reading this, you certainly qualify, in some way, for the title family. You may be newly married and planning to welcome your first child in the near future. Alternatively, you may have ten years of marriage on your back with one or two kids. ‘Shopping’ your dental services from different practitioners is not the most practical option. 

And even if it’s just you and your partner, your dental issues may be varied. Do you get the drift? You need a dentist that can kill all your birds with a single stone and save you time and energy. 

You Have Multiple Oral Needs

Choosing a family dentist can be informed by the existence of multiple oral needs: the aesthetic, the preventive or the remedial need for teeth care. Don’t we call a collection of things sharing a common attribute family? Well, there is your reason for a family dentist. The precautionary aspect is a good practice in making sure you preempt possible cavities, decays or gum infections. 

The therapeutic response means these, or other dental issues, have set in already and need to be treated. The aesthetic takes care of the appeal of your smile. Most of us have more than one of these needs at the same time. Why visit a cosmetic dentist today and the periodontist tomorrow? I still say, “Time is precious.”

 You Have Money Issues, and It’s Time to Be Stingy

A study on oral health and dental care in the US in 2015 reported that a considerable number of people in the country had oral needs that needed attention but could not access it due to cost. According to the study, the cost of dental services has been on a steady rise since 1990. The implication is that significant numbers of citizens cannot afford necessary dental care. If the cost of dental care is an issue for you, but you don’t want to compromise the quality of your smile and overall oral health, then you are justified if you become a little stingy. 

You can eliminate the additional costs that come with seeking dental services from many practitioners like an orthodontist and a separate pediatric dentist by getting it all done at one stop. You will almost certainly save on cost if you seek your services from a family dentist who has more than one dental expertise to offer you. They can cure cavities, align and reshape your teeth and if need be, uproot and replace your completely decayed tooth. 

You Have a Serious Dental Issue

Having a serious dental issue may not necessarily be a direct medical justification for when to look for a family dentist. But the diversified expertise of the family dentist reflects an accompanying capacity to deal with different categories and age groups. 

The 2-year-old needs to be entertained before receiving her teeth cleaning. A mother needs that vital advice on how to help her adolescent daughter take care of her sweet tooth. The implication is that a family dentist also possesses the right words to help family members deal with a serious dental problem affecting one of the members.

Conclusively, the one-stop-shop family dentistry model is comprehensive. Whatever the stage and nature of the family, the service of the family dentist will always be more suitable as compared to getting services for different oral issues from a variety of dentists.

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