Why We Need Foods High in Protein and Low in Fat

Hard boiled eggs

As things get busier, our bodies require more energy in order to compensate. The vast majority of people get this energy from exercising regularly, having a nice nap and adopting a nutritious diet. While these are the things that you should be doing, the vast majority of people are unable to find the time to make that organic meal, exercise on a regular basis or get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to increase your energy levels throughout the day, simply by eating foods high in protein and low in fat.

Why Eating Protein Is Important

Protein is a very important part of our diets; this is because it provides our bodies with the required energy that it needs to get through the entire day. Whether we are engaged in physical activity throughout the entire day, or we’re mentally active, moving around, or trapped in deep thought, our energy levels will usually become depleted rather quickly.

Again, the vast majority of people simply lack the time and effort to get something nutritious to eat, and when we do find the time, we usually spend it eating not the greatest of foods. However, having a high protein snack which is low in fat, on hand, will help to ensure that we stay refreshed for considerably longer.

Protein is also required by our bodies because it provides it with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy system. All balanced diets should have some form of protein in it; this will ensure our bodies function efficiently.

High Protein, Low Fat Foods

Whether you decide to have them as part of your dinner or to bring them along with you, on a busy day at work, these foods are all high in protein and low in sodium, sugar and fat.

All of these foods will ensure you get that much needed energy boost, regardless of what day you’re having. So be sure to go ahead and choose from the following protein rich foods:

Hard-Boiled Eggs

The egg is very inexpensive, which is why it has always been a staple food, it’s very nutritious and is one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to add protein to your diet, without fat. The best thing about hard boiled eggs is that you can save them in a container and bring them along with you, whether it’s to work or school.

Nuts and Trail Mix

Nuts are protein rich foods, making them ideal for you to nibble on when you don’t have the required time to eat a full meal. They are small and thus, easy for you to bring around with you, and they don’t spoil, which means you don’t have to worry about eating them within a specified period of time. For extra flavour, you can add granola and dried fruit to the mix. Almonds and pistachios are the best nuts for you to add.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a protein rich food which can be added to virtually anything. Try some peanut butter on some toast, with fruit and a celery stick, or you can try it with some crackers as an alternative snack. If peanut isn’t to your liking, you may also want to try cashew, walnut and almond butter.


It’s possible for you to eat these bean sprouts directly from their pods. There are also a variety of different dishes that you can eat them in; you can steam them, eat them raw or sauté them to add some creativity to these high protein foods.


Though the expiration day of these foods are rather short, cheese does make for an excellent source of protein, which you can add to just about anything. For the highest nutrition value, you may want to go with unprocessed cheese. Pair them up with some almonds, fruit or crackers and you have something pretty tasty on your hands.

Lean Meats

Beef jerky, chicken and turkey are all excellent sources of protein. Adding meat to your diet will provide you with a much needed energy boost, which can last for several hours. You can also pair these meats up with vegetables, cheese and fruits for a quick snack or lunch.

High-Protein Foods Balances Our Diet Right

These high protein foods, which are low in fat, are required because they provide our bodies with the much needed energy to maintain us throughout the day.

There are many other foods, high in protein that you may find more to your liking, so I recommend you give yourself the time to go shop for these foods.

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