Anti-Aging Secret Ingredients and Tips That Boost Collagen Production Enhancing Youthfulness

The most effective way of enhancing youthfulness is by boosting collagen production, so here are 6 ways to do this, naturally.

Aging/time and Mother Nature’s gravitational forces have adverse effects on the skin. Collagen is the main constituent of the skin and with old age, or poor nourishment, the proteinaceous substance loses elasticity.

The most prominent effect of this is wrinkles, sagging or fine lines. These features show aging and to look youthful, most people go for oils, and creams that will reverse this. However, the most effective way of enhancing youthfulness is by boosting collagen production. You can do this by:

Uptake of Vitamin C to Boost Collagen

Ascorbic acid in vitamin C, from most citrus fruits is an effective boost for production of more collagen. Scientists have proven that ascorbic acid is responsible for hydroxylation of collagen, an important step in collagen synthesis that ensures optimal functionality. Generally, amino acids make up the protein collagen and without ascorbic acid, the linking processes are impossible. The result is loss of elasticity and appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin a Is Also a Great Collagen Booster

Most creams and natural anti-age serum (like this one) contain vitamin A as one of the ingredients. Beauticians and dermatologists understand the importance of this vitamin in collagen production, thus ensure its presence in most beauty products.

Retinoids in vitamin A hinder breakdown of collagen when the skin is exposed to the sun. it is also a stimulant for collagen production. Collagen reconstruction and removal of dead cells is made possible by Vitamin A.

Exfoliation for Collagen Regeneration

This is an important whole body beautification process that rids the skin old or dead cells. By removing old skin, natural skin renewal and collagen regeneration is enhanced. More like getting rid of an old habit for a new one. The skin will also breath better and chances are toxic substances will be removed in the process keeping the skin cells healthy.

Intake of Antioxidant-Rich Foods and Drinks

One of the best ways of boosting the youthful appearance of the skin is by getting rid of free radicals from the body. The radicals are known to attach themselves to healthy cells and tissue where they damage cells or tissues. These damaged cells result in cancers or sagging and scarring of the skin.

You can protect your whole body by eating green leafy vegetables, drinking green tea, and generally by intake of plant based coloured products.

Lowering Sugar Intake

Excess sugar intake is responsible for premature aging. How? Excess sugar promoted glycation of nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins. Collagen is the protein that is mostly affected and the end result, ‘advanced glycation end products’ speed up aging. Lower intake of sugars is therefore highly recommended.

Protection From Harmful UV Radiation to Protect the Collagen

The sun’s rays contain harmful UV rays. Exposure in the sun without protection has harmful effects beside the sun being the primary source of vitamin D. The UV rays, particularly the UVA penetrate the skin destroying collagen. Use of broad spectrum sunscreen is highly recommended especially when in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

In conclusion, collagen is the skin’s main structural protein responsible for a plump, firm and a wrinkle free skin. Protection of this structural component is therefore very important. You should keep the above tips in mind for that ever youthful and glowing skin.

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