15 Rules to Help You Manage Your Weight Loss

weight loss

So, here is a compiled list of 15 healthy tips to help you in the kitchen for managing your weight loss efforts. Pick your favourite and tell us why in the comments!

  1. Opt for extra virgin olive oil and always use a dropper stopper to avoid dropping too much in your salad;
  2. Crazy about white sauces? Then for prepearing them do not use cream, use light milk instead;
  3. Fancy occasionally a crunching at work or on the beach? You should choose popcorn without butter addition instead of hazelnuts and salties instead of pate;
  4. Do you like pasta with sauce? Instead of cheese or sour cream sauces I recommend those based on tomatoes or vegetables, especially in their season time;
  5. Frying vegetables in a pan would be good with just one tablespoon of oil and not pouring plenty – you will see it is enough;
  6. Do you prefer grills? Then it is healthy to anoint with some olive oil the piece you are about to prepare and do not put oil directly in the pan;
  7. If you are in a mood for a soup and you choose for the canned one you should know that it contains much more fat than those prepared at home or at a restaurant, so you should avoid them;
  8. Replace pork with fish for lunch or best for dinner because it has a very low fat content;
  9. Increase the proportion of whole grains in your menu because they are low in fat and very rich in fiber;
  10. Replace fruit yogurt with a bio skimmed yogurt. Just check the fruit yogurt label and you’ll see why.
  11. However you cook chicken do not forget to remove the skin – contains a lot of fat;
  12. Replaces snacks with croissants and cookies with sliced toasted bread;
  13. Buy a quality teflon frying pan (or ceramic, better) in which you can cook without the addition of fat;
  14. Do not give up dairy – help keep the body in shape and prevents osteoporosis;
  15. If you can not give up butter, you should buy one that has less fat (specified on the pack).
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