5 ways to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is a killing disease. While physical and psychological implications that breast cancer has, we avoid discussing these issues. Because of fear or shame, not all women are properly informed about the ways of preventing and treating breast cancer. Although it is a very vast subject which can not be treated easily and in an expeditious way, we offer you 5 methods in witch you can avoid getting this disastrous disease.  

1. What clothes do you wear? Clothes tight on the body, especially in the breast area, may, in time, cause breast cancer. Wearing this type of clothes harms your body because they make blood circulation difficult. Thus, with aging, women are increasingly prone to breast cancer. If you are not obliged to, try not to wear tight clothes. In 1954, a study conducted in North America revealed some worrisome figures – 3 of 4 women who wear a bra every day were listed with 80% chance of occurrence of breast cancer. In contrast, only 1 in 168 women who did not wear bras have developed breast cancer.

2. Healthy food. A healthy diet throughout your life prevents premature illness of your body. Consumption of healthy foods, limiting alcohol consumption or excesses of any kind and sports are the best ways to have a healthy body and mind.

3. Maintain a constant weight. A constant weight can help you maintain a high level of health. Gaining weight over 30’es has shown that it is a factor that can cause breast cancer. Getting fat has a terrible effect on us. First of all, we hate our body and we collapse mentally and then, as we told you, it is affecting your health in a dangerous way.

4. Periodical control. Ultrasound controls for each breast every year, and breast palpation and, at the first sign of alarm, consulting a specialist are the best methods used to discover in time any possible form of breast cancer.

[singlepic id=486 h=150 float=left]5. Start on time. Women are susceptible to the occurrence of breast cancer since the early age of 20. It is good to palpate your breasts regularly and if you feel you have nodes or discomfort see a doctor! If you have problems in your family with cases of cancer, you should see a specialist every year, even though you may not feel any discomfort. We should not be afraid or ashamed – it is perfectly normal. Even if our intuition has not been helpful and it was just a false alarm, it is better to prevent than treat!!!

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