Want to Lose Weight? Choose the Correct Food Portion!

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Apparently size does matter even when talking about portions of food. If you want to lose weight, do not just look at what you eat. Be very careful with how much you eat as well.

There are many people for who matters very much how much food they have in their plate. For some, favorite restaurants are the ones serving large, I mean LARGE portions. In reality, certain types of food are very nourishing, so it is no need that the plate is full so you finish the meal with a full stomach.

Measure Your Meal Portions

How to know not to eat larger portions than necessary? Very simple: measure them. For example, meat from your plate, chicken, pork, beef or fish, must not exceed the size of your palm.

Before cooking rice or pasta, measure the portion. A handful is enough so do not cook more. And bread is very easy to “book”. A slice is enough for a meal.

In terms of fruits, consume quantities with the size of tennis balls. Whether simple or compound, vegetables you eat must not exceed half a glass size.

Eat Smaller Meals

If you feel that the portions are very small and you can not enough of them, remember one trick that will help you lose weight in record time: instead of eating one large meal, eat many small meals!

Drink Water Before a Meal

Another trick: Drink one glass full of water before the meal, and you will create a fake feeling of fullness in your stomach.

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