Lose Weight Following the Japanese or Chinese Tricks!

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We can see around us all kinds of Asian chicks that we envy. And why? They have the perfect silhouette, with no effort! So, here are some tricks to follow in order to obtain that slender look you desire.

When you travel, get inspired by the eating habits, and you will be so pleased to see that in time you will get the wanted weight, and body structure.

Rule Number One: Stop Eating Before You Feel You Are Full.

Many Japanese women follow the golden rule called hara hachi bunme. In other words, they get to eat as much as they want, but they must stop before being overwhelmed by a strong feeling of fullness.

Share Dinner With Relatives or Friends

When going out for lunch or snack, tell your friends to choose different types of food, so you can eat a little bit from each dish. So enjoy all the flavors and combinations, without falling into the “sin” of consuming huge portions until the last bite.

There Is No Limit in Eating Fibers!

Chinese women eat three times more than American women. This is the volume, because in reality, their food menus are abundant in vegetables, fruits and beans, which means fewer calories and many many fibers. In the traditional dishes, the meat is used only to give a special flavor to the food and represents about 2 percent of Chinese people consumption. So, they are not so eager to eat meat, as we tend to be! Maybe we should learn from them, if we really want that fine body shape!

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