Tips for Living the Keto Lifestyle During the Covid-19 Pandemic

One of the key points of defense against Coronavirus is that your immune system needs to remain strong. And as the Keto diet is effective in losing weight, it can also be dangerous if not done right. This is why you should find a way to adhere to your Keto lifestyle and still stay safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here are tips for living the Keto lifestyle during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Make Sure That You Have a Stable Supply of Keto-Friendly Foods

One of the biggest challenges of following a Keto lifestyle is the fact that your meal plans are highly specialized. Your carb and sugar intake is limited and instead, your meal plan will usually consist of fat and protein-rich foods.

This can be an issue during the Covid-19 Pandemic because there will be times where it is difficult to get specific foods. There may be shortages in your local grocery stores, so you may find yourself struggling to find the right ingredients for your meal plans. 

This is why you should find a stable source of Keto friendly-foods. This may seem difficult at first, but it is still achievable. 

  • Approach local farmers rather than supermarkets in your area. By doing so, you can buy protein such as beef, chicken, pork, and eggs for a fair price.
  • The grocery store is not the only place that sells produce. You can go to the farmer’s market and buy produce in bulk. This will provide you with a steady supply of vegetables and fruits.
  • You can grow your own produce at home. Be reminded though that you will need a reasonably sized garden to achieve this.
  • You can also start an indoor garden if you don’t have yard space. Many herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms can thrive indoors. For example, the process of cultivating requires little maintenance and space. There is no need for fancy equipment either. All you need is the right environment and a beginner-friendly mushroom growing kit. After setting up your kit, you only need to wait ten days or so before you start seeing the fruits of your labor.

Feed Frequently

As was stated earlier, having a strong immune system is important during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This makes attaining a ketogenic state difficult because you are meant to abstain from carbs and sugar. It is tricky, but not impossible. You just need to schedule your feeds frequently and strategically. It is also a good idea to prep your meals in advance. That way, you are not depriving your body of nourishment, but at the same time, your body is not storing excess calories that can be converted into fat.

Take the Right Precautions

Aside from having a great feeding schedule, you can also enhance your Keto lifestyle during the pandemic by observing proper hygiene. Although having a strong immune system is necessary to fight Covid-19, prevention is always better than having to find a cure. 

The best way to prevent infection from Coronavirus is to be as careful as possible. Which means that you have to take the right precautions. When you go out of the house, wear the right gear. Have a face mask with you and always take some hand sanitizer. Stay away from crowds and don’t linger too long in a public place such as subways or hallways. 

You should also have a steady supply of hand sanitizers at hand. This can be a bit tricky though, because hand sanitizers have become very valuable commodities. There will be times during the pandemic that shortages occur. Why not learn how to create your own hand sanitizers? Not only will you have a steady supply of hand sanitizers, but you can even sell some to your community in case of shortages. Luckily there are various hand sanitizer making machine mixers that you can choose from.

Being active is also a great way to increase your immune system. During the early months of the Covid-19 Pandemic, gyms were temporarily closed. And for people who live an active lifestyle, this can be a nuisance. But there are alternatives to the gym. You can work out at home or go for a jog. You can practice martial arts or do bodyweight exercises. Make the whole world your gym. Just make sure that you stay safe while working out.

Make Your Meals as Balanced as Possible

When you make your meals, you should make them as balanced as possible. Although it can be tempting to go full protein on your meal plan, it always pays to add diversity to your ingredients. Don’t just stick to the plain old chicken breast and broccoli meal plan. Mix and match your menu. You can have chicken breast with a side of Broccoli one day, then some Tilapia and fava beans the next. 

When you add seasonings to your meals, you should minimize the sugar and carbs. Choose carbs that are low on glucose, such as broccoli, kale, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Stay away from refined carbs that have a high glycemic index. These will give you a high spike in your blood sugar and can make controlling your blood sugar a challenge.

Staying Hydrated Is Key

Another key to maintaining your Ketogenic lifestyle is proper hydration. Water is our body’s greatest necessity. You can go one whole week without eating, but your body will begin to shut down after a few days without drinking water. And during this dangerous pandemic period, we should all be as healthy as possible. So make it a habit to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Stay away from sugary drinks because they have a great deal of sugar, and have few nutritional values. Just stick to good old water instead.


The Covid-19 Pandemic is a life-changing event, but this does not mean that we can’t practice the Keto lifestyle. Instead, we should make some changes to adapt to the new normal. With these tips, you can now practice the Keto lifestyle in the best way possible.

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