Gardening does more than calm your soul and connects you to the earth. It also can help you lose up to a whole pants size! There are some fascinating reasons why gardening is possibly the cheapest and relaxing form of exercise out there.

Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

You Work Every Muscle Group

You may not realize it, but gardening involves nearly every major muscle group. You squat down to remove weeds. Digging the soil burns calories. Making your mulch from a wood chipper involves upper body strength.

Gardening means you will constantly be on your feet as you move from place to place. Depending on how long you spend in the garden, it can be a full body workout. Lifting soil and pushing the wheelbarrow are fantastic workouts for your upper arms as well! After a few hours of gardening, you might feel the same soreness you feel after a long workout at the gym.

Stretching Your Body

Some of the best forms of stretching come from simple movements while you are gardening. Reaching for weeds or planting new rows of carrots require you to lean and bend forward, stretching your arms and abdomen.

Stretching is important for the health of your body. It strengthens the joints and bones throughout your body. If you want a thinner and toned figure, stretching has to be an essential part of your workout each day. Plus, it is beneficial before you exercise so you don’t accidentally pull a muscle.

Stress Relieving

Everyone knows that gardening relieves stress. You get to spend time with nature and working in the dirt. There is no therapy like time with nature. If life gets crazy, head out to the garden with your shovel and gardening gloves.

Regular garden maintenance requires monotonous tasks. Tasks that require you to think with each step can be stressful. Weeding, on the other hand, is simple and doesn’t require much thinking. It is the perfect time to let your brain wander to the things that are stressing you. This time is perfect for escaping to a different reality.

Gardening Encourages Better Eating

Many people plant flowers around their house, but vegetable gardening can help you lose weight even faster. Planting different vegetables and fruits help to encourage different and healthy eating habits. When it grows in your backyard, you will want to eat it after all of the time and energy you put into the produce.

Start off small. You can try to plant a few tomato plants and pots of lettuce. Soon, it is an addicting hobby, and your garden will overflow with delicious new veggies. Those veggies will help you lose weight!


You may be surprised at the reasons why gardening can help you lose weight. It may seem like a simple hobby, a way to beautify your yard or grow a few veggies. While both of those things are true, gardening is a full body workout that will slim your waist as well as tone up your arms.

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