How to Choose a Diet Plan

We decided to write down some tricks…so you can choose easier from all those diet plans out there.
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Hey dear reader, I hope you enjoy a wonderful Monday. We decided to write down some tricks… so you can choose easier from all those diet plans out there.

First of all you must take into consideration that the best meal plan that will definitely help you lose weight, is the plan that reduces calorie intake. I am sure you were standing someday… in front of all those meal plans and you were tempted to pick the one that guaranteed the quickest results. But this is not the way to do it! That kind of diet… is either too restrictive or  it doesn’t address the psychological component of healthy weight loss.

We collected from the internet information that you can use, in choosing a diet plan. How? Simple, we offer you some quick tips and after you make your pick you can go on and read more. And our promise is that… we shall take each diet plan a time… and discuss it for you!

1.      the Atkins Diet Plan

It is based on belief that sugar and carbohydrates make you fat.

You are allowed to eat: only the following: High-protein, high fat foods – meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, limited carbohydrates; fruits and whole grains are severely limited.

Against: Deficient in vitamins! Be careful.

2.      the South Beach Diet Plan:

Low-carbohydrates, high-protein diet, but allows low-glycemic carbohydrates and focuses on “good” fats.

You are allowed to eat: No carbohydrates, I mean, at all!!! After a while, carbs are reintroduced, including fruit and starchy veggies, in small quantities.

Against: It is a sever plan, nutritionists advise you to take good care of your calcium and fiber deficient.

3.      Slim-Fast Program:

It is a meal replacement diet, in fact you eat only their Slim Fast products.

You are allowed to eat: Actually, there is no calorie counting, there is nothing for you to do, except replace all your typical food with theirs: meal bars, snack food, soups, shakes, etc.

Against: High long-term dropout rate implies it’s hard to stick with this diet.

4.      Weight Watchers Diet Plan:

It is based more on the psychological side. Exercises and positive attitude, helps you refuse that food that harms you.

You are allowed to eat: for instance take a look at this quote: “There’s no need to feel deprived while losing weight. With the Momentum program, you’ll get the gentle push you need to make healthy choices, avoid hunger, and stick with the Program. This isn’t a “fad diet” — there are no required foods, and the very best nutritional research is behind the program.” – extract from

Against: Very expansive, with all its group approach.

5.      the Zone Diet Plan:

We even wrote an article about it… and so we find it attractive. Follows a diet that is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates.

You are allowed to eat: Keep to 40-30-30 ratio and you can eat whatever you want!

Against: Too much restriction on carbohydrates.

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