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How to Lose 300 Kcal in 30 Minutes

We offer you an alternative to that boring fitness practice. We found out how you can get rid of those extra kilos with 300 kcal in 30 minutes per day.

6 key principles for a successful diet

You know that you eat healthy, you do some sports also, but you failed in seeing any results! Here are 6 principles you must follow if you want to have a successful diet!

I want to: lose weight. So I: eat well!

Proteins, fibers and fats. Specialists teach us how to eat anything we want and still lose unwanted kilos!

Diet with exotic fruits

Brought from very far away, exotic fruits are a must-have in your diet! Especially if you want a slender and beautiful body. Read their “business card” below and choose the ones that fit your needs best!

Yes or no to Fruit Diet?

There is a YES part in every diet and also a NO part…Let’s find out the truth about the fruit diet

5 tricks stars use for losing weight

Stars teach us the shortest way we can get a beautiful body like theirs. Halle Berry with her five “small” meals, and a fitness trainer, give us the recipe for a great tonus.

Intensive slimming program

When you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, you must change almost your entire life. We offer a few tricks to lose weight efficient and healthy.

Fitness on the go!

The beautiful time arrived, so you can include 30 minutes of jogging every day in your program. If you can not run, walking quickly can be as efficient, if you know its secrets…

5 reasons you can’t lose weight

If you practice exercise or sports, if you do not eat sugar and chocolate, you have increased water consumption, without wasting a gram, surely all these are based on a cause. Find out witch one is it and read the solution below!

Smile more

Tips for Energy, Flexibility and Good Mood

Infallible tricks that help you pulverize away few hundred calories, and very quickly!