You know that you eat healthy, you do some sports also, but you failed in seeing any results! Here are 6 principles you must follow if you want to have a successful diet!
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

You studied the healthy diet problem over and over again. You know that you eat healthy, you do some sports also, but you failed in seeing any results! So, what’s wrong? We tell you what’s wrong! Here are 6 principles you must follow if you want to have a successful diet!

1. Do not make big changes! – Give your organism the chance to naturally metabolize lipids, so that once destroyed, fat deposits will not be able to recover ever again.

2. Eat constantly! – Try to have 4-5 meals per day. If you are the kind that grows hard in mass or you are in the period of definition, 5 meals a day would be a good plan. This type of food (a meal every 2-3 hours) inhibits the storage of fats and increases the amount of muscle tissue through the absorption of nutrients.

3. Be patient! – The changes do not occur overnight. The problem for most of the people is their lack of patience; they want to see results right away. If you start a diet rich in carbohydrates, with moderate amount of protein, poor in fat and calories, and your aim is to lose weight, wait at least 21 days to see visible results.

4. Give up those daily measurements! – If there is no need to keep a certain weight, then you can let go those annoying measurements. Use the percentage of adipose tissue of your body as a sign of progress. When sportsmen are trying to grow in size, they often become discouraged when they see that body weight did not increase rapidly. Frequently they exaggerate, start adding more calories in an attempt to accelerate the natural progress. It is best to use the old photos of yourself or a neutral person to assess that progress. You have to know…once the relief muscles appeared you start to lose weight, even though you might not weight as much (less) as you wanted. But keep up the good work!

5. Remember that nutritional supplements are not the “ideal solution”! – Supplements are not “Shortcuts” to your goals. Some sportsmen are trying to burn fat eating L-Carnitine and chromium, but fail to initiate the process of metabolizing lipids because they do not decrease enough the number of calories. Others use L-Creatine, Glutamine, or amino acid chain, so they get to increase muscle mass, but they do not consume enough calories and proteins to stimulate the body to positive nitrogen balance. Supplements can be used to support a nutritional program, not to mask the mistakes and a poor planning.

6. Do not become the slave of your diet! – Some athletes give up because they were tired of chicken breast and canned fish. There are so many other recipes and you can eat so many other healthy things! All you need is a little inventiveness and the power to move on.

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