5 reasons you can’t lose weight

If you practice exercise or sports, if you do not eat sugar and chocolate, you have increased water consumption, without wasting a gram, surely all these are based on a cause. Find out witch one is it and read the solution below!

1. You are too stressed

[singlepic id=247 h=140 float=left]Stress causes a state of craving, which leads to eating excessive in compensation.
The moment you feel the nerves tensed, breathe deeply five times, distending your stomach and thorax, expiring slowly. Every night take a hot bath, accompanied by a revitalizing product (algae salts, flavored oils, flower fan), which will release toxins.
It would be ideal to attend massage regularly to get rid of tension. If you can not, knead only on your abdomen, with concentric motion, holding palms stretched.

2. You take too many drugs

[singlepic id=244 h=140 float=right]Some painkillers drugs against insomnia and depression, act on central nervous system and can influence the behavior of metabolism, increasing appetite, and the need to crunch some time.
Some hormonal treatments poorly adapted or wrong dosage favors storage of fat and water accumulation in tissues. In these cases you should not stop the treatment for any reason. Instead talk about these problems with your doctor.  You just need to find together the best medicine or the dosage that suits you best, without affecting your figure.

3. Your diet is too strict

[singlepic id=242 h=130 float=left]In opposition with some ideas; abstention from food is not enough to lose weight and can even lead to blocking of the loosing weight process.
Facing a situation of deprivation, the body decreases its consumption of energy and burns calories slowly in order to protect their fat reserves. On the other hand, for a woman, the problem of kilograms addition is often due to a diet too rich in fat and too heavy meals. Eliminate unnecessary or hidden calories. Restrict sauces, mixes, sweet drinks, but consume skimmed milk and natural yoghurt. You will thus save about 300 calories per day, sufficient to throw off 2-3 kg per month.

4. Your body retains water

[singlepic id=245 h=140 float=right]Eight out of ten women face this problem, especially in the 15 days preceding the menstrual cycle.
Estrogen leads to storage of water and salt. The only way to remove these 2-3 liters of water is draining. Immediately you feel bloated, add to one and half liter of still water a little mineral water and a mixture of herbal diuretics. Drink this composition little by little, over the day to clean the body. Not too much salty foods. Avoid those that contain salt (sausages, canned food, cereals) and tomatoes, zucchini and most fruit poor in calories – they are full of water.

5. You eat after NO schedule

[singlepic id=246 h=150 float=left]You don’t ever take breakfast; you eat when it comes to your mind… This is a behavior that may place your figure in jeopardy.
Our body is programmed to be fed approximately every four hours.
If you do not regularly provide the fuel needed, the biological rhythm, the hormone secretions and metabolism is unbalanced. Facing of this anarchy, the function is disabled, especially those related to elimination.
Follow the rhythm four hours, adding to the three daily meals, two additional, rich in protein.

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    I read your article on another site, and i found it interesting. I wanted to share with you the problem i had, with water retention. It is a serious problem and you should add there, the importance that salt has in retaining water. Salt is in everything…i spent 2 weeks in a hospital because i was so swollen, and it was all because of salt…and water retention! Great job though!

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