What Is the Cambridge Diet?

Losing unnecessary calories is a longly discussed topic. Each of us dreams about having a perfect and impeccable figure. Another never-ending story is “the best diets”, or more precisely their quality. Each of them wants to be not only effective but also doesn’t want to give the yo-yo effect after withdrawing from it. However, what scares us in every diet is the excessive compulsion to limit our meals or even exclude high-calorie meals. With our passion for fast food and fast lifestyle, reducing calories can be difficult. That’s why the Cambridge Diet can be your best friend in losing weight.

Cambridge Diet – Overview

Perhaps that’s why the Cambridge diet was created. In short, you can say that this diet consists of taking the right amount of calories, in the right micro and macronutrients proportions. The diet itself consists of a total of six stages. During the first phase which is the main time in which you are losing weight on Cambridge diet, we should consume no more than 415 calories a day. In the later stages, your diet may increase up to 1,500 calories.

The Help of a Dietician

In the case of a Cambridge diet, the help of a consultant is extremely important. First of all, he will determine the length and intensity of individual stages of the diet, as well as the meals menu. The consultant will help you also in case of any doubts related to the course of your diet. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that both the course of individual stages and the speed of losing weight depend on many individual factors, including the level of body fat.

How to Set a Diet Plan?

Finally, we came to the most important question. The answer can not surprise many. Cambridge meals are cooked individually and packed in special portions from a dietitian. You save the same time for preparing meals, and specialists take care of your diet. As it turns out, in the case of this diet you do not have to give up a lot of delicacies such as sour soup, tomato soup, mushroom soup, cappuccino, banana, or nutty creams with strawberries, or porridge. It is also recommended to drink a minimum of three litres of water a day. I know that drinking water it is harder to do in the beginning, but is essential to this diet. Most importantly, you will not be undernourished because meals are prepared in such a way that they contain the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Pre-Prepared Meals for Diet?!

Many ask themselves whether ready-made meals are healthy. They should be healthy because as mentioned above, the specialists made sure that in each of them there is enough nutritional value. In addition, this diet is not only scientifically proven to be safe, but also received positive feedback from the FDA, and has numerous awards and certificates.

Iron Rule of Cambridge Diet

First of all, during the first stages, do not go to pubs or restaurants, eating meals served in such places, actually, condemns you for failure, and it is doubtful that even the smells do not tempt you to snack unhealthy things…

Whether you manage to lose unnecessary kilos during your diet depends only on whether you follow the rules of each stage. Not adhering to the recommendations of the consultant, unfortunately, immediately brings undesirable results!

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