I want to: lose weight. So I: eat well!

Proteins, fibers and fats. Specialists teach us how to eat anything we want and still lose unwanted kilos!

Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

What’ all that stuff about cabbage soup or salad leafs? Forget about those horrible diets, now you can lose weight, eating anything you want. Specialists thought us some simple tricks so we can eat almost anything we want, but still lose those annoying extra-kilos.


They have a key-role in your diet, because you digest them slower than carbohydrates or fats. So, in a very simple way, your organism works harder to burn more calories. Even better! Because you body needs a longer time to digest proteins, you will not feel hunger for a longer period of time! Plus, proteins inhibit the grelin secretion, the hormone responsible to the feeling of hunger. Last, but not least, proteins in association with physical exercise help you eliminate fats, and stimulate muscle growing. You will have a flat tummy in no time!

You can find proteins in beans, chicken meat, yogurt, cheese… A 63 kilos person should eat 70 grams of proteins daily!


You can choose to have a 0 fat diet, but your expectation about fat disappearing from your belly is completely wrong! What really maters is the number of calories you eat. Fats make sugar level stable and slow down your appetite and, in the same time, they slow down carbohydrates absorption. Specialists recommend that 30% of our daily calories should proceed from fats. For a diet based on 1800 calories a day, you have 60 grams of fats.

One very important thing is that you consume only unsaturated fats, such as: olive oil, salmon, avocado fruit.


Eating fibers is like eating sports! This is the easier way to lose unwanted kilos! We should eat around 20-30 grams daily, but we rarely consume half of this quantity. Specialists say that, even though you may follow diet rich in calories, consuming fibers would help you lose weight fast!

We offer you a “lose one-kilo a month” diet, quick and easy to follow: 250 grams of milk with 1.5% fat with cereals (integral cereals). Eat them 90 minutes after your dinner!

You can also find fibers in pasta, fruits, and integral bread.

Combine these 3 tips and if you have the possibility, choose a simple sport you can do every day, and in less than one month you can lose around 5 kilos!

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